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    ad I'm a small-batch, low minimum order copacker. Ask me anything!

    We have strong relations with special farms to get the best peppers. One of our best selling recipes features organic habaneros sourced from the mountains of Pennsylvania. It’s a relationship based business, and we believe in building relations with the farmers, our brands, and the community at...
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    Greetings from a small-batch copacker.

    Thank you all for your warm welcome and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding: 1) Copacking 2) Scaling your business up 3) Small-batch production This forum is a beautiful place.
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    labels Labels for hot sauce

    I print and design labels. Unfortunately, we only service the United States.
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    marketing The importance of good graphic design.

    As a copacker who has created dozens of recipes for people - there's a secret ingredient that people are missing. Marketing. This week, a local shopkeeper gave me a sauce for free (since it was a week past expiration). It was a beautiful symphony of multiple flavors that danced together...
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    ad I'm a small-batch, low minimum order copacker. Ask me anything!

    As someone who has extensive experience working with copackers, and becoming a copacker as well - here's the deal. Most copackers want absurdly high MOQs. I'm talking about thousands and even tens of thousands of units. Don't take a chance on them unless you: have a HIGHLY ENGAGED audience...
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    I am Sam and Sam I am. I'm starting a hot sauce business and I want to learn and stay in touch with the pepper loving community.

    Welcome! I'm a copacker with a presence in Pennsylvania, NJ, and North Carolina. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions. Just helped a guy in NJ launch his sauce. It's a tough market, but highly rewarding. Make sure you charge the proper price. You won't be able to compete on price...
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    co-packer Advice for a big step?

    Been in the copacking business and service tons of restaurants. I've also been on the other side as a buyer before. You want someone with low MOQs. Had a energy brownie that was doing great - but scaling up too fast crushed our business. As a copacker - I mainly help people who are in the...
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    bottles-jars Hot filling large quantities

    Ever thought about modifying the recipe to avoid hot fill? With sufficient acidity - you may be able to skip that step. A good recipe isn't just one that tastes good - it's one that's scalable under your capabilities.
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    recipe Does anyone use software or complex spreadsheets to develop their recipes?

    As a small-batch copacker - we are very meticulous with our recipes, and love Excel! Excel is the best ad-hoc tool out there. We have a saying that all data always finds its way to Excel.
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    Greetings from a small-batch copacker.

    Thanks for your kind words. I just helped a client launch his hot sauce business - and helping people get off the ground is such a joy. I love fighting for the little guy and will never stop.
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    co-packer Co-Packing and Fulfillment at a High Level

    Amazon is incredibly product dependent. It's typically terrible for non shelf-stable foods, as inventory management is awful. However it can be great for discoverability. Had a product that was in the top 100 for its category. Your mileage will vary. As a copacker - some of our clients use...
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    Greetings from a small-batch copacker.

    Greetings! Hope all is well. I'm a small batch-copacker that serves clients with small minimum order quantities (offering both private label solutions and custom formulations). We started our business because we were sick of high MOQs that made it hard for aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the...