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    favorite Top 5 favorite breweries?

    funny how 100+ years ago they started in France and now there is only 1 French Trappist left (most are in Belgium) That said, I absolutely agree that it's either local craft or Transit for great beer!
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    labels Labels for hot sauce

    We currently use Online Labels for blanks, print at home with a photo printer. We sell 150(ish) bottles per month to local retail; more in the summer with markets. One more large retailer and we'll be moving to commercial label printing, but for smaller volume, at home printing and pre-cut...
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    Resting a farm plot

    Resting farm land is different from rotation, and generally a mechanism to preserve moisture for the next season in dry climates. Look up fallow cropland or summer fallow.
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    First time growing superhots

    Hi. I have a fully hydro indoor grow room in my basement.   The peppers are just starting out (red moruga, yellow moruga, reapers, jalapeños), but other plants include tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, various herbs (basil, sage, cilantro, parsley, cumin, thyme, oregano, dill, peppermint, anise...
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    Bleach Dilution Ratio

      1 part of 8.25% bleach to 1.75 parts waters get you to your desired 3%. To keep it simple, mix 1 part of 8.25% bleach with 2 parts water and your concentration will be 2.75%.   btw - with the 5% bleach, mixing 3 parts water to 2 parts bleach actually yields a 2% solution. 
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    organic I think I've found the best Organic Pesticide

    a) it's NOT organic. I may list some ingredients that are natural, but that's not the same as "organic", especially considering the major ingredient is most likely mineral oil (a petroleum distillate)   b) the instructions state to cover food or food processing areas, so not sure I'd want to use...
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    sun morning sun or afternoon sun ?

    It's really an unfair question without qualifying zones.    I'm in Calgary, Canada (zone 3b to 4a) so afternoon sun certainly! (June through August only mind you)   Someone in Southern California will have a much different opinion.
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    hydroponic DIY guide: how to make off grid hydroponic self watering container

    What is the benefit over keeping the plant in a large DWC set up? (other than the power required for the air pump, or is this it?)
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    Switching from t8's to 1k hps, what should i be keeping my eye on ?

    Watch the nutrient demand.   I recently switched from T8's to HPS (1 400W over racks and 1 600W over the other growing area) and noticed with the incremental lighting and growth came deficiencies as I hadn't adjusted my fert routine.
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    Chocolate pods from same plant as red ones

    Hi all I'm relatively new to growing peppers, and have been growing a few varieties of peppers indoors since last fall (poblano, jalapeño, tai chilies, orange habanero and ghosts) and have something I at least consider odd.... My poblano plant has been producing "normal" coloured pods for...
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    First sauce

    Hi all I've been lurking and learning for close to a year. Salsa is something I've made for several years but finally made my first sauce today. I'm waiting on several plants worth of ghosts and habs to ripen, but figured I've got enough red tai chilli so might as well experiment. 2 cups tai...
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    Hello from Calgary, Alberta

    Hi all!   I just came across this site and am glad that I did!   I built an indoor plant/growing room in my basement last fall, and in addition to various garden vegetables, herbs, and fruit, I have the following peppers growing; currently ranging from 1" to 24" plants:   Poblano Jalapeño Thai...