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  1. Seacowboy

    Devv-2017-Having a good time in the dirt

    Glad to see your up and running early this year Scott.
  2. Seacowboy

    96STRAT 2017 Grow

    Looks like your off to a good start.
  3. Seacowboy

    On Cutlery ...

    Merry Early Christmas time. Pic sucks. UT they're nice.
  4. Seacowboy

    Mixed SFRB $16

    As the title says. I can do several SFRB's. Will be a mix of varieties to include Red Lava, MOA, Scotch brains, Chocolate brainstrain, chocolate bbg7, ajigsaw, Jays peach, and many more. US and PayPal only.
  5. Seacowboy

    Free SFRB NFL Preseason Game

    That's a wrap fellas. Congrats goes to parker49. Final total of 446 points scored and parker49 guessed 430. Send me your address and I'll have your box moving out in the morning. Thanks for participating.
  6. Seacowboy

    Free SFRB NFL Preseason Game

    Sitting at 333 total points for now with the remaining 3 Sunday games to go.
  7. Seacowboy

    seacowboy 2015

    Thanks Scott. I will mix some up now. I have been giving them some in a soil drench every 10 days or so but guess it wasn't enough. Also great to see you back!
  8. Seacowboy

    Free SFRB NFL Preseason Game

    Times up. Enjoy the games and the rest of your weekend.
  9. Seacowboy

    seacowboy 2015

    Finally got a few to pick! Not the mother load or anything but not to bad for 6 plants just started give ripe pods. My pubes have a lot pods hanging but nothing ripe yet. Unfortunately their getting BER or some other affliction going on with the Coast Rican Red's, they start to turn and then...
  10. Seacowboy

    Free SFRB NFL Preseason Game

    ****NUMBER MUST BE IN BY 9 PM Eastern**** To celebrate the late start to finally pulling pods I wanted to give away a SFRB that will include these handful of varieties; MOA, Jigsaw, Scotch Brains, Chocolate Brainstrain, and Chocolate Bubblegum. Simple rules. Pick the total combined points...
  11. Seacowboy

    Happy Birthday Penny, Seacowboy & backyardpepper

    Thanks everyone. Was able to make it home early from work and enjoy some time with the family this year.
  12. Seacowboy

    chinense Red Kraken Scorpion?

    Kinda look similar in shape and size to the Chaguanas or however you spell it that I grew last year. Plants were so crowded with crazy growth a cross would be no surprise there.
  13. Seacowboy

    Calling all Drip Gurus

    1 emitter for 5 gal pots is plenty, I had a variety of pots sizes so I used 2 to a higher flow rate on the bigger pots. When figuring emitter size that's for your regular flow and gph, you may need a regulator before your main line. I haven't had much luck with timers due to them leaking on 1...
  14. Seacowboy

    No calyx bbg7 long seacowboy

    This is 1 of my Jays red gs from last year. Elongated Bbg7/no calyx from last year also.
  15. Seacowboy

    seacowboy 2015

    Heathsville. It's down on the Northern Neck. The deer actually leave it alone, the mow the farmers soy beans down surrounding us. 1 farmer has me and a few others on his kill permit to help out on his places to lower the numbers some but still has to replant a few fields every year.
  16. Seacowboy

    seacowboy 2015

    Stopped by the hunt camp garden on the way back from checking out VCU with my step son yesterday. Lost a few more plants but most of the others have finally kicked into gear and put on some serious growth, a few have lots of pods but still have awhile before their ripe. 1 lost row Long...
  17. Seacowboy

    No calyx bbg7 long seacowboy

    Looks like Jays red gs, there were a few plants close by.
  18. Seacowboy

    chocolate BB7?

    Prodigal son and I had some plants last year that the chocolate/brown or whatever you want to call it showed up in. Can't say where his seeds came from but the 2 plants I had came from plants given to me that were supposed to 'elongated red bbg7" from pierman. From what I have seen so far...
  19. Seacowboy

    seacowboy 2015

    Damn cappy that's a helluva offer there, I'd be happy to try and make a train out of it and that's a huge pay it forward. Just let me know when you send it and be on the lookout. I have a few of the Chocolate Bubblegum going and will be isolating several flowers tomorrow, just hope the temps...
  20. Seacowboy

    seacowboy 2015

    Thanks fellas. It was unintentional but not owning up to making the mistake of taking the and having them sold for probably $5 at his church yard sale really chaps my ass. He just grabbed stuff from storage room without paying any attention to labels of PEPPER SEEDS, and GARDEN AND FLOWER SEEDS...