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  1. jgundo

    2024 Glog!!!

    Lol it is ... damn weather needs to start in my favor... hopefully I can do som planting this weekend need to make room.. lol
  2. jgundo

    2024 Glog!!!

    It's time for a grow update, still waiting on the weather to co-operate ...
  3. jgundo

    Greetings from the Columbia River Gorge

    Right on, I'm not far from you, I live in or, and grow every year, there are a few of us here that can give tips just reach out... welcome from Beaverton OR right outside portland.
  4. jgundo

    hello all. Glad to be here

  5. jgundo

    2024 Glog!!!

    Ok all just a fast update on how things are going, been very busy, I'm just glade I have been able to stay on top of everything...
  6. jgundo

    seed-train 2023-2024 Mega seed train!

    Seed Train is heading back to the station Thanks for a great Train this year!!! Tracking # 9405511206210301184584 Happy Growing All...
  7. jgundo

    Hi from N Alabama.

  8. jgundo

    Happy birthday!!!

    Happy birthday!!!
  9. jgundo

    Two Word Turd

    sprinkles with
  10. jgundo

    Hello, my name is Savanna

  11. jgundo

    seed-train 2023-2024 Mega seed train!

  12. jgundo

    Two Word Turd

    chocolate waterfall
  13. jgundo

    2024 Glog!!!

    OMG I'm so done with all my seeds for this season, Now it's just a matter of getting things off to a healthy grow... I'm Hoping I get a few more up and growing as I have a few that have not popped up yet. but it is what it is..... I will say I have a few I'm very excited about this year and...
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    welcome to the thp
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  16. jgundo

    SineNomine 2024

    right on man good luck and good season
  17. jgundo

    Hello from Washington

  18. jgundo

    2024 Glog!!!

    OK all I have been slacking on the Grow log, I will post more on Monday... Promis .. lol
  19. jgundo

    [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Hope everyones 2024 grow season is off to a good start... May all your...

    Hope everyones 2024 grow season is off to a good start... May all your hooks turn to a full on bush LOL