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  1. Brutaldiver

    Count Dracula

    Those look very much like an ornamental I grew last year. I can't remember the name. It wasn't Count Dracula though. Maybe Black Pearl or Black "xxx"? The Pods grew black and would eventually turn red. Pod size was on the small size, maybe 1"-1 1/2" long. The plant had very striking colors...
  2. Brutaldiver

    pests These are aphids, right?

    Seriously? You get to say your peace & then, when somebody counters your statement you drop your little quote in and duck out of the convo you started? Lol, way to bring others to your side of the debate.
  3. Brutaldiver

    since its that time for some of us

    As in Loraine Ohio? I'm in Cincinnati & I'd have to bury my backyard under 8-10 layers of straw with the winters we have. Lol, the overnight lows last week or so have really slowed my plants down. I'm already cutting off small immature pods, flowers, buds, branches, etc. Trying to get them...
  4. Brutaldiver

    Inter-nodal length - Fatalii Gourmet Jugsaw

    My FGJigsaw is anything but squat or runty. As a matter of fact, it is every bit as tall as my reaper, choc scorpions, bbg7, bbm, brainstrain & red 7 pot primo. Not nearly as tall as my brazillian starfish. That one was tall and lanky. I don't know about everyone else's, but I would say it was...
  5. Brutaldiver

    Very rootbound Moruga Scorpion.

    But, put a few beers in me and that phrase comes out just the way you said it
  6. Brutaldiver

    for-sale Labor Day Weekend Sale - SFRB - from $10.00

    Well, a thanks is in order here. My order was just received & just WOW! My single order for an SFRB or Fatali Red was met with a delivery of 3 SFRBs! 2 of red Fatalii and 1 of yellow Fatalii. That's 55 pods of the red and 24 of the yellow, all for $16. Good communication, quick response to...
  7. Brutaldiver

    Very rootbound Moruga Scorpion.

    Rofl, Bwah hah hah. Whenever I say that, it comes out "carpet to the drapes." Nice
  8. Brutaldiver

    leftovers from making pepper extract

    I've done thos a few times. Tincture, I think it is called when done with alcohol. I used Everclear. Bought 1/5th, cheesecloth, non-metallic funnel, a couple widemouth Bell jars. Filled first far with crushed /flaked peppers, covered with Everclear, put on lid, tighten, tighten again, shake like...
  9. Brutaldiver

    for-sale Labor Day Weekend Sale - SFRB - from $10.00

    Hey aj, I just put in an order for a couple boxes of your red fatalii's. Added a note regarding some other things. Thanks, looking forward to stuffing myself with those fatalii's!
  10. Brutaldiver

    Bubblegums not red.

    None of the calyx turned red on my Bubblegum plant unless I left them on so damned long that the seeds started turning black as well as the inside of the pod turning to brown icky muck. Well, that and apparently a favorite of the stinkbugs in my garden. A major letdown.
  11. Brutaldiver

    hybrid Crosses; a question for the master growers.

    I got into a discussion about this with someone on Facebook recently. They posted pics of pods saying the pic was evidence of the immediate cross. They were claiming that the pods could show some of the traits right away. When I asked about where they learned this/got their info, it was from...
  12. Brutaldiver

    Yellow primos

    Pretty good summary. I wish i had the paience to post pics here, i'd throw up some pics of the pods the gnarly one has been putting out. Definately the bumpiest pods i've ever grown. I'm about to dry out a few here i'd be happy to send you some seeds from. Just for $hits & giggles. As to...
  13. Brutaldiver

    Yellow primos

    I have yellow primos, red primos and gnarly red primos. All from Duffy. The red primos grew taller and sterted putting out flowers sooner but the yellow has since caught up nicely. All 3 are putting out a healthy number of pods. I love those primo pods!
  14. Brutaldiver

    How long from flower to ripe pod?

    3 & 1/2 weeks from flower to ripe pod? Wow, I'm in my 5th season of growing peppers and other than maybe jalapeƱos, I have never ever had pods form and ripen so quickly.
  15. Brutaldiver

    hybrid Nagalah Super cross

    Plus 1 to the previous "atta boys"! Boy does that look tastey mean & gnarly all at once.
  16. Brutaldiver

    You know you're a Chilli nut when...............

    You go to your son's school's annual summer festival planning meeting and offer to supply and host a Free SuperHot Pepper Sampling Booth. Conveniently located between the Beer Booth & Beer Ticket Booth.
  17. Brutaldiver

    Jays Chocolate Ghost Scorpion seeds

    hotjohn9, wow, nice looking pods you have there! Congrats
  18. Brutaldiver

    SFRB - $10.00 - One day only - Aug. 21st

    Lol, hey Bub. I knew you were kinda allright. My birthday is Friday as well, I'm turning 47. I may just celebrate by buying some of your pods. You're just south of me in KY, correct? Growing those Bluegrass pods! You mentioned a coconut drink. I used to spend a lot of time down in St.John...
  19. Brutaldiver

    The abuility to clear a room?

    Where did who get what/which coconuts?
  20. Brutaldiver

    What do you do when eating hot peppers?

    Best WKRP episode ever..