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  1. outlaw

    The Last Great Pizza Thread

    -Ranch drizzled for sauce  -Crumbled bacon -Diced grilled chicken breast -Dollops of cream cheese -Lots of mozz -Topped with sliced jalapeno     
  2. outlaw

    Make your best taco.

    That is a bad ass Damascus TB! I like the tacos too 
  3. outlaw

    Somebody was in a rush

    damn nice turn around! They looked pretty stressed in the first pics
  4. outlaw

    New "The Hot Ones"

    Haha this is on my list to watch
  5. outlaw

    Anyone used either of these ph meters?

    I like the Apera a lot - I've had two of those
  6. outlaw


    Nothing fancy - 2 eggs over medium with a little Melinda's extra hot, homemade venison/pork sausage from a whitetail I shot in the fall (I like my breakfast sausage a little charred), and an attempt at homemade pancakes...    
  7. outlaw

    The Last Great Pizza Thread

    Well tried MW's recipe this weekend - I thought it turned out pretty well. Definitely important to "pre-bake" the crust the 4-5 mins.    -Extra squeeze sauce (Contadina)  -Minced garlic sprinkled over sauce -Pinch of parm (maybe a handful)  -Dusting of volcanic peppers pizza mix -Shredded black...
  8. outlaw

    Bhuthead Andy's Hot Sauce

    Interested in your journey Andy - this thread is great! 
  9. outlaw

    The Last Great Pizza Thread

    Awesome, thanks for all the ideas!        I concur! Pitza Ranch has a ring to it...   Thanks MW for the recipe, that sounds super good!     
  10. outlaw

    The Last Great Pizza Thread

      Exactly this - like I said I can't replicate it for the life of me 
  11. outlaw

    The Last Great Pizza Thread

       Ralphster, my brother, is there any way I could bum your dough recipe off you? There is a place in Nebraska called La Casa that has the best pizza I've ever eaten and I can't replicate the crust for the life of me. Thin cracker-type crust with a chewiness thats hard to match. 
  12. outlaw

    greenhouse My Green House

    Very cool greenhouse! What kind of peppers are you growing in there?          What have you tried for the thrips? 
  13. outlaw

    Wolf's Second Year-Adventures in Better Recordkeeping.

    8 days no hooks? Sorry to hear about the job situation, hopefully it all works out.    **Sorry saw you put them in paper towels on the 16th
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    Make your best taco.

    Haha I know its just a smaller duck egg, but wondering how the size of the duck egg differs from a regular one. Can the same duck lay bigger/smaller eggs? Or are the sizes dependent on the species of duck? I need educating.    I would be upchucking the boogie if a plate of balut was in front of me! 
  15. outlaw

    Brown/Chocolate reccomendations?

    One of my favorite peppers is the Choclate Hab, but its not going to put you in the gnarly category 
  16. outlaw

    The Last Great Pizza Thread

    Looks so good SF! That cracker crust looks mighty fine!     Reminded me of a recent pie I did:    -Homemade dough -Fresh mozz -Romano/parm mix  -Black olives -Fresh garlic finely diced -San marzano tomatoes  -Some fresh black forest ham sliced thin from the butcher -Volcanic peppers "Hot...
  17. outlaw

    Make your best taco.

    Dang those tacos look so good brother! I want some baby duck eggs
  18. outlaw

    Cacti Thread

    Western Nebraska purple pincushion cactus I've had for about 6 years. She flowers every summer.    "Purple pincushion cactus, Coryphantha vivipara, grows in sandy to rocky prairies of central and western Nebraska, where its brilliant flowers are seldom seen because they last less than a day."...
  19. outlaw

    Hot pepper plant - deformed leaves

    My immediate reaction is bugs - have you looked with a magnifying glass or scope? 
  20. outlaw

    LOL @ hot pepper

    LOL @ hot pepper