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  1. b3rnd

    seeds I am looking for Capsicum Tovarii seeds

    Good luck with the research! Looking forward to reading the paper. I'm assuming CaneDog and the forum will get a S/O? ;)
  2. b3rnd

    Variegated Jalapeno Grow Log

    Did you guys notice the corking is almost exclusively on the red parts? Thought that was pretty interesting.
  3. b3rnd

    Leaf issues

    Thanks Paul! I'll try what you've said, though I'm not allowed to use non-biological fungicides at the allotment. Maybe I'll spray a little when nobody's looking though, lol. I'm gonna cut away all affected parts. I probably should avoid getting the plant wet as well. I'm not sure what you...
  4. b3rnd

    Leaf issues

    Thanks! I did find those, but they don't really look like what my peppers have. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G930F met Tapatalk
  5. b3rnd

    Leaf issues

    Hey guys, I just spotted these brown spots on one of my baccatum plants. Any clue as to what it could be? I assume it's not looking very good.. There are a few others with the same issue. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G930F met Tapatalk
  6. b3rnd

    Leaf issues

    I use Cellmax Coco Grow, at the ratio described there. Should I dilute it more or fertilize less often?
  7. b3rnd

    Leaf issues

            I agree it kinda looks like sun scald, but they aren't directly under my lights. I just have one lamp and it's used for seedlings. These are in the periphery around the lamp.    I thought I'd try to find people who posted about a problem that looks similar to mine. I couldn't find one...
  8. b3rnd

    Leaf issues

    Hey guys, I just spotted some leaf necrosis on my older plants. Any idea what it could be caused by? I water when when the mix is dry. I fertilize once a week and I have a fan blowing. Temperatures fluctuate between 23 and 17 Celsius.   Edited to add: I grow in coir, and I recently switched to...
  9. b3rnd

    Free seeds international

    Sure, I'll give them a try. Sounds pretty cool! Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G930F met Tapatalk
  10. b3rnd

    b3rnd 2020

      Thanks, HM.     Thank you friend! Of course I'll save you some seeds of the flexuosum. I hope it does well and gives me a lot of seed stock. I've read it can be picky when it comes to fruit set, specifically fruits with seeds.   Yeah it'll be crowded in no time! I'm not even sure my lamps...
  11. b3rnd

    Trippaul Threat (PdN x BMJ) Community Grow

    Thanks! I'm very happy to finally have some of these growing. Last year none of my seeds germinated and I was really disappointed. Great to be a part of this grow! Hopefully we'll see some nice plants. Really looking forward to your TT 2.0 run and the TT Yellow, should be great. Verstuurd vanaf...
  12. b3rnd

    Purple Thunder / Bhut Jolokia x (PdN x Bonda Ma Jacques)

    Thanks Paul, excited to be part of the community grow! Yeah, bushy is what I'm hoping for. It's my favourite right now, hope to see some stunning pods. I actually have no clue what strain it is. It was just labelled 'Purple Thunder' when I go it in the mail: Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G930F met...
  13. b3rnd

    Pepper People are the Best

      For real? That's messed up. Why don't they want people to do business with Canada? I know there's these trade wars going on, but I think person-to-person mail shouldn't be a problem
  14. b3rnd

    Next to My Chair Again

    Awesome glog Uncle E.! I love the grow/reading corner.   Some years ago a guy from the cannabis community taught me matte white plastic is actually better for reflecting light, compared to shiny metallic materials. The reflection is more diffuse, rather than specular.
  15. b3rnd

    Winter Grow in a spare bedroom

    Awesome looking grow, Bookers! I'm excited to see what'll come of your pubes. I decided not to grow any pubescens this year, but I'm feeling sorry I did. Next year I'll be planting a bunch for sure. I really love them, though I've just been able to get them to set fruit once, a few years back. I...
  16. b3rnd

    A Fishy Winter Grow: Stuff in a Tent

    Good looking grow! I wish you success with your crosses, they're really fun to do.    I remember when you first joined this forum, and now you've already got almost a thousand posts, you've been active! Nice to have new members stick around this long. 
  17. b3rnd

    F*cking fungus gnats

      Thanks for the advice, Bookers. The fan definitely helps dry the top layer of potting mix out and they really don't like the turbulence. They get blown around and they land on the wall behind (perpendicular? to the fan), so I put some sticky traps there and it caught a whole bunch of them. Let...
  18. b3rnd

    catchthebear 2020

    Great looking grow, Matt. There a lot of varieties you're growing that I can't wait to see pictures of!   I just realized by your profile pic that I've been following you on instagram for a while now. So I guess that also makes you the guy that occasionaly donates fruit to Jared (weirdexplorer)...
  19. b3rnd

    Trippaul Threat (PdN x BMJ) Community Grow

    My two Trippaul Threat Violet plants: Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G930F met Tapatalk
  20. b3rnd

    Purple Thunder / Bhut Jolokia x (PdN x Bonda Ma Jacques)

    Here are my three Purple Thunder plants. Sorry for the crappy pictures, I'll take some better ones next week.   There's one that's clearly more purple than the other two. It's missing the apical bud though, and I'm not sure why. I have a baccatum that seems to have the same issue. I'm pretty...