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    indoor Trouble with flower drop(Reaper and Trinidad scorpion)

    I respect your opinion and like with other types of vegetable growing, there are several approaches. Take a look at seaspring seeds' website. They are the creators of the Dorset naga. They grew a dorset naga that yielded over 2,400 red pods and two hundred and something green pods. They named...
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    indoor Trouble with flower drop(Reaper and Trinidad scorpion)

    Sorry, without being argumentative, I grew a doret naga in England a few years ago now, watering every day ( just to moisten) and I ended up with over 400 pods at the end of the season. let's face it, I live in the tropics and it hammers.down every day. Chilli plants can take it as long as their...
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    scovilles Is SHU scale logoritmic or linear? Experts, please....

    Sorry, I'm not an expert on logarithmic, nor linear scovile scale, but Ed Curry always contradicts himself and is.full of it. Like all salesmen. The fact that in one stream.he said that.he.had pepper x in reserve for the last ten years and now we finally see something. This says that he was...
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    indoor Trouble with flower drop(Reaper and Trinidad scorpion)

    I Interesting. I suppose that there would be some chillies native to the Andes which would have low night time Temps, but chillies like scorpions and habanero have only a 2, or 3 degree change. Here in the Philippines, at the moment, it is 31c, 32c during the day and about 29c at night ...
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    pics Bahamian goat pod halved

    I've got.some bahamanian goat chilli. seads comong and I aim to.grow them this year. Unfortunately, i can't verify your chilli at the moment. 😞
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    preservation What to do with an abundance of picked ripe Ghost peppers

    I agree about the small bottles of sauce. I don't ferment my chillies, just Chop and fry them in a dry pan and then add my other jngredients one by one. I've got sauces which are 5 years old and they are.still great. Although, they do get.hotter over time.
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    news Pepper X Officially takes the title

    The pepper x will never be, Ed is not really 'releasing' it. It will only go into sauces So, Ed has written guinness a big fat check for them to verify pepper record holder. Therefore, it is both their interests to verify it. No record, no check to Guinness
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    indoor Trouble with flower drop(Reaper and Trinidad scorpion)

    Hello, Leaf drop can be too little sunlight (scorpions are used to 12/13 hours a day), or too much potasium too early. Try a 20, 20, 20 mix npk and see how that goes for a week, or two Also, am I right in reading that you water your plants once a.week? You should water every day and add...
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    Hello chilli heads

    Hi, my name is Kevin and ive been growing chillies for a mumber of years. I've moved to the Philippines and bought 5.5 acres of land where growing various vegetables, but mainly tomatoes, chillies and bell peppers.