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    chinense Is the stinger trait from Reapers and Scorpions dominant or recessive?

    Hi, that's not how it works. Genes may be dominant or recessive but it is rare that a trait can be ascribed to a single gene or locus. And when a trait involves more than one gene then it gets very messy and there might be no clear answer. Is the stinger a trait that can be traced back to one...
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    pod Baccatum Identification

    Picture 2: Considering its relatively modest size my guess is Aji omnicolor. And I slightly disagree on one part of your post. Aji limo is a baccatum (and it is yellow). Due to naming confusion and cladistic chaos in the world of spicy peppers there is Aji limo and Aji limon and I support...
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    issue Are these overwintered plants still viable?

    Cutting back plants for overwintering does not imply cutting off all leaves. If there are no green leaves left then the plant has no opportunity to use nutrients or sunlight. The plant dies. These ones indeed look to me like they're history.
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    issue Why is this pepper plant so small?

    100% sure this is a Capsicum species?
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    flavor Searching for a exotic tasting chili that is not to spicy (Indoor)

    Slightly late response but.... In my humble opinion, the Aji amarillo and the Lemon drop are quite close to each other in taste and heat. The amarillo takes forever to ripen, the lemon drop is much faster. The Aa get very tall and spindly, where the Ld is more compact (like 1/3 of the Aa's...
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    container Looking for input on number of peppers per container.

    Thai, Lemon Drop: I'd plant 3 per pot. It may help you get a slightly earlier harvest. Others: No experience.
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    breeding What pepper plants can handle the coldest temps?

    Some C. baccatums are traditionally grown in high-altitude areas down the Andean ridges where the summer is no very hot. That's where my search would start. Crossing and breeding for low temp. tolerance or productivity sounds interesting; go for it and let's know the outcome.
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    harvesting Your strategy in the early autumn

    I harvest when pods are visibly ripe. Am in Denmark, so it is a wee bit colder than where you are. No particular tricks with this strategy. By the way: Several websites mention that Aji cristal pods taste better when not quite ripe. I cannot in any way say I agree. Someone out there having an...
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    preservation Drying frozen peppers?

    Hi HFF, from a certain perspective freezing the peppers before drying may be a good idea. When you freeze a pepper solid the individual cells rupture. Cell walls collapse, goo and gunk inside cells seep out and become more exposes to the environment. That the reason a thawed pepper has as much...
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    plant What is this?

    Perhaps prairie fire or little elf?
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    disease Distinct brown markings spreading through Peppers/ Massive leaf drop

    This doesn't look like a pest (virus, worms, aphids, snails etc), I am thinking nutrient issue. Overfertilization with one nutrient can cause disruption of uptake of another. Thus, given the suspected overfeeding this could as well have a component of lack of a nutrient. That interplay is not...
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    misc How/why/when did your chilli obsession start?

    I've been traveling a lot. Around 2011 or so, way before growing peppers was a thing in my country (Denmark), I stood in a supermarket in Indonesia and looked at the veggies. I picked up a pack of Cabe peppers. Thought to myself: "Over the years I hauled back a lot of souvenir trash from all...
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    media reuse container media?

    Coco coir can be salty, and what you have seen may be plants protesting against the salinity. Ideally, I think I'd stick to the base recipe without the amendments and then, as need be, add a tomato spike or something very moderate in nutrients. But make sure to wash the salt out of the Coco...
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    greenhouse will pepper plants still grow if its cloudy weather?

    Hi Sinder, you won't have an issue. Capsicum spp. are naturally growing in areas where they do not have full sun. Many are even adapted to quite high altitudes. It will be the night-time temp and size of pots that determine your success, not so much the clouds. Good luck and best regards from...
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    pod Today's harvest - guess what I am growing

    Correct, the middle ones are Aji limo. Middle right is not BG but Aji cito. Going clockwise from there: Thai, Aji omnicolor, Jamy (an obscure C. baccatum variety gaining popularity in Europe), Scotch Bonnet, Fatalii. Re. my Scotch Bonnet, top left: I am suspecting it may be more of a...
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    overwintering What to do with my plants...?

    Agreed, but there is another option. Try and look up on google and youtube how to clone plants. It is about taking cuttings, sticking them in a glass of water and then plant those that develop roots. You can take cuttings off branches, wash them in liquid detergent (this is quite effective...
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    overwintering What to do with my plants...?

    Hallöschen, I would cut them back quite a bit until there are 5-10 healthy fresh green leaves on each plant. Then set them aside for the winter and water sparingly. All growth will return next year if the plant survives. When your plants have been outside this summer there will be aphids+eggs...
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    pod Today's harvest - guess what I am growing

    Pic taken just now (and you might be right if you tell me to clean the lens for better photos next time). All plants grown in Denmark and started from seed in Jan/Feb 2021 in a window sill. No greenhouse, no artificial lights, no heating mats. I use the cheapest soil (dirt cheap, actually, no...
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    baccatum Earliest baccatums?

    I am growing Aji's in Denmark and not using greenhouses. Plants are in 2-5 gal pots outside from about 20 May onwards. My impression is that pepper growth and ripening under my conditions has nothing to do with fertilizer, but is mainly (not solely, but just mainly) determined by nighttime...
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    issue Phenotype off for a single pepper - why?

    I am sorry, I cut up the pepper for drying. In hindsight I should perhaps have documented it with a photo.   C.