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  1. Valleyman

    seeds Scotch Bonnet seedlings give away to locals...

    Generosity man , awesome. Wish I was closer. Good karma for you and you plants!
  2. Valleyman

    Tomatoes seedlings WAY too tall, can I trim tops until I can plant?

    In the interim Maybe you can transplant into 1/2 gal paper milk containers. I used those one year with great success. Bury as deep as you want. Cut the container away when transplant.
  3. Valleyman

    Identify my 2020 peper problems/ remedies?

    Thanks for the advise! The roots are shallow. When I re potted a couple I was disappointed to find such a small root mass maybe due to top watering.
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    vendor Buckeye Pepper company (still around?)

    Damn, thanks guys!
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    Identify my 2020 peper problems/ remedies?

    Hey thp community. I've been in the shadows for some time. Sorry about that. Still growing and this season the pants have problems.   A "quick" summary to get you all up to speed- I'm in zone 6 Sowed seeds in February with heat mats and t8's. Once established when they needed water I watered...
  6. Valleyman

    vendor Buckeye Pepper company (still around?)

    Just curious if the buckeye pepper company is still around. I havent used then in a couple/few years now but always had good experience using them.
  7. Valleyman

    Death Wish Pizza in Indiana

    I came across this article in a pizza mag. Sounds insane!
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    topping pepper plants?

    Facebook has a group "Chile Pepper Plant Strippers" group on this subject. That said, I stripped plants a few years back and though I didnt keep accurate records, the plants ( chinense) responded amazingly and bushed out like crazy and looked amazing. I reccommend stripping some of your plants.
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    greenhouse stupid question, when to use small greenhouse outside?

    I agree with the other guys. A little early. I grow under lights inside then when nighttime lows stay in the 40's I start to move them move out to the greenhouse by day and back into the house ( but not under grow lights ) by night. When nights are in the upper 40s ,Ill keep em out . Oh yeah...
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    seeds Starting Seeds/ seedlings in the cold basement

    Wow! I haven't been on for a while. Great suggestions, ideas, ect-thanks! So here's an update- since sowing in late January, I kept the  babes on a heat mat and a small heater to make the air more comfortable for them.   I have to say that I'm really happy so far. I have two 11x22's filled with...
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    I set out to increase the ambient heat  by supplementing with a space heater directed at the propagation level in the grow stand. Possibly to much of a good thing, I left the heater on high and forgot and after 6 hrs I realized and shut it off. Granted I'm using an inferred thermometer that...
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    seeds Starting Seeds/ seedlings in the cold basement

    Thanks for the suggestions ! Blitz,nice setup man. I was thinking along the same lines about an enclosed space. Currently the growstand is eclosed on three sides w/ the front with a roll up mylar. I think a better front barrier will be the easy way to start. Im thinking I can put some space...
  13. Valleyman

    seeds Starting Seeds/ seedlings in the cold basement

    well, the growstand is in the basement but if I put a space heater on a stand or something to direct the heat at the upper levels where the plants live will help. Not to hip on leaving the heater on unattended,
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    seeds Starting Seeds/ seedlings in the cold basement

    Im looking for ideas on a way to get supplimental heating to my growlight stand. The seedlings germinate on heat mat but the air temp is pretty cold. I have success but looking for better results. The plants grow slowly and often have purple tinged leaves. Suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
  15. Valleyman

    soil Soil temperatures too hot?

    Great thread, thanks. I start my seeds the same way. Good to know about adding a layer to lessen the heat if needed.
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    Is this a serrano plant? I didnt think they had silvery leaves, fuzzy stems.
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    fermenting Great taste but non appealing smell to fermented sauce

    This past weekend I processed a mash that was fermented then aged for two years in the refrigerator. The look was bright and fresh, no mold, ect. It was cooked for 15 minutes, blended, then cooked another 20 minutes, then bottles. It's getting good reviews on taste but not so good on aroma.   Is...
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    How do you mark your plants?

      lol, I just posted about using  the same window blind material. I like your advanced ideas even better. I'll be using your technique next time around.Thanks!
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    How do you mark your plants?

    I cut up old window blind slats and mark them with sharpie marker. This year the damn marker wore off just prior to transplanting. Luckily I was able to see enough to read. BUt now in the garden, I have to wait to ID by the pods