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  1. LGHT

    fertilizer What Fertilizers do y'all use?

    I prefer using GH Flora liquid ferts that I get by the gallon.  I found liquid ferts need to be applied more often, but don't sit in the soil for extended periods of time and can be flushed easily if ever needed.  I uses a simple base chart for FloraGrow, FloraMicro, and FloraBloom series.     ...
  2. LGHT

    tutorial All about soil - A great resource I thought I would share

      I stopped adding ferts to soil directly some time ago.  The problem is it's a lot harder to control what the plants gets and when if it's added to the soil.  Also you may end up over fertilizing if you also plan on using liquid ferts later on. 
  3. LGHT

    water Self watering system for bucket growing

      Sorry for the late reply end of the year is hectic at the office for me.  I actually should have specified that I don't use "buckets" I use heavy duty storage tots like these.   They seem to be easier to handle and...
  4. LGHT

    water Self watering system for bucket growing

    5 gallon sip containers are good, but 15 gallons are better.  I stopped using 5 gallons over 10 years ago when I realized my 15 gallon sip buckets produced more than 5 times more peppers.  FYI my largest 6'x4' plant would consume 5 gallons of water a day during the summer months. 
  5. LGHT

    Interesting study about the best red to blue ratio for LED

    Interesting read, but that was published in 2014 and most of the info sited is 10 plus years old.  I mean the conversation of HPS hasn't been valid in some time in regards to indoor growing..  Would be nice if it was current and based on improved tech over the last 5 years.
  6. LGHT

    bottles-jars Buying bottles locally?

            Thanks for the tips.  I did start on Amazon and almost purchased something, but it didn't include shipping and shipping doubled the costs, but I think I rather pay then drive for a couple of hours..
  7. LGHT

    pics Harvest

    Like others this time of the year, I'm getting into my last harvest.  This is bitter sweet as all my plants produced really well and the largest produced well over 6 lbs total on the year.  This last harvest was pretty small since only 2 of the 4 plants actually had a good amount of peppers, but...
  8. LGHT

    Ropey slimy snotty brine

    How cold was / is the jar during fermenting.  I think it's related to temps being too cold so the brine thickens.  Temps should be around 70 or warmer..
  9. LGHT

    bottles-jars Buying bottles locally?

      I actually checked about 3-4 and none carried smaller sauce for some reason.     This actually would be perfect, but I'm stuck out in Newport Beach and a drive into that part of LA in traffic would be about 2 hours.  I'm cheap and love to save money, but dealing with LA traffic will drive you...
  10. LGHT

    bottles-jars Buying bottles locally?

    Looking to stock up on some bottles for a large batch of sauce I'll be making soon, but it seems shipping less than 100 is pretty expensive.  Does anyone know of a place in OC / LA to get bottles locally so I don't have to pay $20 plus in shipping?
  11. LGHT

    Smoked Habaneros

    I've done several and I think the best batch was some cold smoked Trinidad scorpions.  I found prior to cold smoking the heat from the wood basically "cooked" the peppers too much so it didn't have that fresh pepper taste and instead was just a hot sauce if that makes since. 
  12. LGHT

    fermenting Fermenting peppers with Mead or Lambic???

    Never made a "fermented" sauce before, but was looking at some info here and seems like fermented peppers have more of a "pepper" taste since you don't use vinegar.  Well I got a few lbs and was hoping to try and ferment a couple of jars, but instead of using the traditional salt / sugar water...
  13. LGHT

    pics Harvest

    Only grew 3 plants year so not a Huge harvest, but I still managed to get 4-5lbs so far.  Still need to do a bit more harvesting...  Hoping to try and do a fermented sauce this year, but use a lambic as the starter.  
  14. LGHT

    tutorial All about soil - A great resource I thought I would share

    Aged Pine Bark Fines are great because they absorb water when there is an access and then wick water when their is not.  "Green" or non aged pine bark fines act quit differently as they don't absorb / wick water the same way.  I like using Bonsai Jack and although not cheap at $10 a gallon you...
  15. LGHT

    Should I be worried?

    what types?  I had white habs that took a month to germinate as they are notoriously slow germinators.
  16. LGHT

    My mini grow room

    When I first started (I moved and didn't a yard to garden) I went with an earth box.  However after the years passed I just started making them myself to save money and wanting more soil per box.   I ended up with something like the below, but I found using cups didn't work well so I replaced...
  17. LGHT

    in-ground "Underground" pots/baskets

    I've almost always just grow in pots and or SIP containers.  All of my best producing plants have been in pots.  Keep in mind I'm only growing 20 or so plants at once, but I found containers allow me to control the soil, amendments, and location of the plant more than planting in ground.  At the...
  18. LGHT

    seeds Will plants that overcome difficulties as seedlings put out less fruit?

    Bone meal has been used for thousands of years to develop strong roots and provide phosphorus and calcium for seedlings.  Rather then trying to prove who's right or wrong I will simply allow the readers to browse the below resources that explain how it's beneficial for seedlings and how to use...
  19. LGHT

    My mini grow room

    I would go with 10-15 gallon SIP containers if it was me.  More control, less work, less watering as there is no water loss and more important they are portable!
  20. LGHT

    Aerating the back 40

    I would go with a raised bed so you can amend / control the area you need to grow on unless you really plan on growing on every inch.  This way you can amend with coco peat - coir and perlite as needed without spending too much money since both options are rather expensive.    Here is a great...