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    misc Pepper ID App

    I sprout my seeds in a 3-tiered sprouter and have a list of what went in what tray. Then use colored toothpick when in peat pellets and paper pots. Then once in the garden or earth boxes, I lose track of what is what, even after using plastic labeling sticks
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    misc Pepper ID App

    Sadly, I often lose track of the variety of hot pepper somewhere between sprouting and harvesting. Does anyone know of an app to identify hot peppers. I have picture this, but it just says it's a pepper BrnthumbinFL
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    I am BrnthumbinFL, a wannabe gardener totally addicted to growing peppers from seed to hot sauce. For the record, today I made 2 gallons of my hot sauce for the kitchen at a homeless community in Clearwater. I am BrnthumbinFL