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    flavor Tasting the different chiilis

    So one of my favourite youtubers (not chilli related) is weird explorer ( He is all about tasting all the kinds of fruit out there and it's really fascinating just to see all the unique fruits he comes up with. And he will always give you a good idea of its...
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    Hey guys!

    Howzit Mr J! Good to know I'm not the only newguy for the day :)
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    Supp guys, thank you for the welcome messages, Awe Jimmy, howzit my china? @Ratatoulli, actually I didn't buy my hottest seeds - I joined a facebook group last year sometime and bought a very nice hot sauce from a guy on there, he was kind enough to share 5 carolina reaper seeds with me. But...
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    I'm hotman and from Cape Town, South Africa There really isn't a lot of the really hot sauces around me, so I decided to grow some chillies and made my own awesome sauce. I wish everyone a happy new year.