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    misc It's not a pod! FFS

    Poppin pods just sounds so good though! Bump a beery? Ouch
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    condiment 505 Salsa?

    505 is the Albuquerque area code and these products are immensely popular in that area and the NM bordering states. IMO the entire product line is mid tier and a cleverly marketed marginal step up from products like Pace salsa and other budget brands. They aren’t terrible though, just meant for...
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    New Member Hello - Exploring Superhots!

    Hi all! My name is Brian and I love peppers. I crunch big bells, poblanos, anaheim's, and other low to no heat varieties daily at lunch. At every job I've ever held I've been that goofy guy eating whole big peppers. Recently it occurred to me there is a whole world of peppers I haven't explored...