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    plant Chilli plant bought in Brazil - insanely hot

    Look like Cascabella...but   cascabella areen't that  hot. A cross?
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    Non-Circulating plant refuses to set.

    I'm using Dolomite lime from the nursery and 3% vinegar. It isn't pure lime...or acid. Has Mag. in it too. I don't have the bag handy to see % of whatever is in it.   Barely fizzles.   As you warn,I wouldn't suggest using stronger acid etc.   Store baught stuff-  ...
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    Non-Circulating plant refuses to set.

    Calcium and Magnesium  are taken up by the same receptors in  a plant.too much of 1 blocks the other out. Calcium Acetate is used as blossom  set. The acetate can bee easily used by the plant.   use  foliical  or make your own-   witches brew-   white vinegar dolomiite lime   mix in an open...
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    recipe-help Best way to use rocotos?

    Always store in the fridge.
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    recipe-help Best way to use rocotos?

    Smoke dry,to the prune stage,halved Roma tomato and Rocoto halves. Top tomato with spices of choice so it sucks up flavor as it dries(salt free spice from 99 cent store). Think of your flavor profile first.Mightt want to smoke some Garlic,onion,sweet frying peppers too... Toss in a jar,add oil...
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    water Drip Irrigation?!?!

    Mice chew lines underground. Parents lines were mostly underground.
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    Dancing as I Grow WILDS etc. "Chutney" Style '21.

    Hi,don't know about the net these access. Will keep up reading your progress when I can. E mail stopped working don't know why. Hope your season rocks big time.
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    recipe-help Best way to use rocotos?

    Smoke dry them,coarse grind,use on everything-especially popcorn....grilled cheese and tomato soup. Stuffed with sausage (Italian,chorizo etc.)and rice topped with cheese or ? Stuff with crab,lobster or shrimp salad-use raw peppers.
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    water Drip Irrigation?!?!

    My parents had to stop using drip irrigation because the critters in the summer ate holes in the tubing to get a drink,on a daily basis.
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    A few questions about growing..

    I use regular potting soil in 4-5in. pots.   You can cut slits in the mesh-as many as you can to give larger roots grow out.   I also put osmocote time release fert. in  the soil. flower and vegtable,14-14-14    it was on sale somewhere...
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    A few questions about growing..

    Did you pull the mesh off before planting in the ground?. The mesh screws up root growth. One time I dug up a few plants that looked sick and found the mesh was keeping the roots from getting out of the jiffy pellets.   I use peat pots now-...
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    Off ground elevated bed?

    A lady I knew who was wheelchair bound got a bunch of waterbed frames from the free adds,worked great for her. Punched holes in the liners and filled with potting soil and compost. Every  few years she gad to put new plywood on the bottoms.
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    Morons once again doing what morons do best

    What gets me is the hoarders are the same people who don't wear masks...protect themselves or others from them. They get free food etc. from everywhere they can also. It now seems people think a vaccine is coming and if they get sic they won't die. First vaccine had nasty side effects-in a short...
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    When you see your proctologist,just make sure when he/she does his/her probe,he/she coats the glove with vasoline and super hot powder first...
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    hybrid Tabasco Fish cross

    Ever think about grafting your fish to tabasco and tabasco to fish? Then using the grafts to fert. each other. Posts say you like playing around. Maybe the grafts will give you a genetic edge.... All the grafts I did outside in summer sucked. Indoors in winter was better-not a high rate,but a...
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    So, you like hot peppers, do ya?

    use supers for taste and heat. i love supers but use them in moderation,combine with other peppers to get the heat and taste i like. some supers are like drinking acid,others have taste. eat what you like. i see vidios of idiots eat/or doing other things with super hots, they wasted time...
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    pests Green bugs ID

    Use Aphid wasps! I did years ago,haven't seen an aphid in Years.
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    Possible Scam?

    Did they offer a VERY Large amount of Vasoline when they told you to bend over?   Too good to be true IS A SCAM!   Like the TV stuff about seminars,why are they wasting tine NOT selling Properties instead of buying and selling stuff?   Could it be more  $ is from suckers paying for their...
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    Blossom drop.

    Ca. and Mag. are used by the same receptors in a plant. If either is used heavily it blocks the other...   I like witches brew - Disolve Dolomite lime in Vinegar, It adds both nutes. Add brew to water and it has seemed to be aq pretty good balance of both.    
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    ***Beginner Tips?

    Make your own mix. Start with 3-1-1,bark based. I personally use more like a 3/1/1/1 mix. 3 parts bark,1 part each of pearlite,pomice stone and peat. I use more of the 1 stuff because the original mix doesn't hold water well.   See the posts here about 311 mixes using bark and potting soil.  ...