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  1. synclinorium

    Cacti Thread

    They grow like weeds in the summer, several feet per year, the main issues are A) building an appropriate support structure and rigging it up so that it won't get blown over, and B) moving the damn thing inside during the colder months And lighting indoors of course. I usually cut off the...
  2. synclinorium

    Cacti Thread

    Do epiphyllum count? I impulsively ordered a couple rooted cuttings (epiphyllum anguliger and epiphyllum pumilum) as an experiment. I did have some very healthy dragon fruit plants a few years ago that got to be about nine or ten feet in a pot, but sadly they were killed off by an early frost...
  3. synclinorium

    What odd vegetables do you grow?

    I'm not doing anything too weird, but I'm always trying new varieties. This year I'm doing some amaranth, a couple unusual cucumbers (Dragon's Egg, Sikkim), Thai Rai Kaw Tok Pumpkin, and Ahka Striped Bean, to name a few. (If you couldn't tell, I like Baker Creek seeds... )
  4. synclinorium

    chinense White Habanero Review

    I've grown white habs for a few years, I've noticed some variability among the phenotypes; some of the plants produce fruit that is more elongate while others are small and round. They all start off ripening to a cream/ivory color, but I find the longer they're left on the plant the closer to...
  5. synclinorium

    Orange Manzano

    Nice plant, chilemonster. I'm giving pubescens another go this year, I have a couple each of Canario, Giant Rocoto, and San Isidro. Now, whether I have space for all of them is another matter... Hopefully they'll set fruit this time. The plants have always been big and healthy in the past, but...
  6. synclinorium

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    I've been meaning to do more wilds, I just have a few this year (and this thread reminded me to check on my cumari pollux seeds, they were the last hold out for germination, I got one seed that sprouted after 2 months... yeesh). I have an overwintered Tepin which I ended up cutting back because...
  7. synclinorium

    Your top five peppers

    Datil - super productive, flavorful, and versatile Aji Amarillo - probably my favorite pepper flavor wise, but it's not very productive for me De Arbol - sort of my all-purpose pepper for a variety of cuisines Pequin - nice smoky flavor, fun bushy plant too Trinidad Perfume - this might be...
  8. synclinorium

    vendor Baker Creek Heirloom seeds

    I buy most of my non-pepper seeds from Baker Creek, love their selection. Never had any issues.
  9. synclinorium

    favorite Wild Varieties-What is your favorite

    Digging up this thread again, I had a 'Most prolific chacoense' (bought it off pepperlover a while back, doesn't seem to be there anymore?) tucked away in a nondescript spot. Honestly I forgot about it, holy hell did it get big. It was so slow last year I wasn't expecting anything. Normally I...
  10. synclinorium

    Datil peppers

    I've grown Datils before and they're one of my favorites. Early and heavy producers with a nice fruity flavor, a little milder than habanero. As Datil mentioned, regardless of its history many Super Datils look and taste very similar to Fatalii, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the seed out...
  11. synclinorium

    Aji Amarillo

    romy, yours look a little different than mine do. Pods on mine are more elongate and aren't as smooth and glossy. This year is going to be a bust as well, we just had a storm blow through and it wrecked the Amarillo. Oh well. I'll overwinter it one more year but I just don't think I'm going to...
  12. synclinorium

    Aji Amarillo

    It gets about 4 hours of direct sunlight and then a few more hours of filtered sunlight. It could do with more but I can't really do anything about that. The plants are healthy so I'll just wait and hope for the best.
  13. synclinorium

    Aji Amarillo

    I don't do anything too fancy to overwinter, I just prune back the stems to remove most of the green growth (all of the leaves, basically), then trim the roots so they'll fit into a small pot. Give it a good hose down to remove any stubborn pests and old soil, then pot with fresh soil. It...
  14. synclinorium

    Aji Amarillo

    Just curious what other peoples' experience has been with these peppers. My understanding from my old housemate who studied in Peru for a while and poking around the forums is that Aji Amarillo isn't necessarily a single variety and includes multiple strains of yellow-orange baccatums, some a...
  15. synclinorium

    synclinorium's 2015 Grow Log

    Oy this has been a busy year, so I haven't exactly been keeping with the updates... the garden is doing alright, albeit some of the peppers are off to a slow start (I'm a little behind where I was this time last year). Well... ignoring the Aji Amarillo. They haven't started flowering yet but...
  16. synclinorium

    A Case Against Superhots - Or "Why I'm Changing My Garden for Next Year"

    I'm in the same spot this year. I still have tons of superhots in my freezer from last season. I like spicy food but not enough to go through superhots in a reasonable amount of time. This year I'm sticking mostly with my old standbys; Aji Amarillo, Datil, jalapenos, and De Arbol, the rest are...
  17. synclinorium

    synclinorium's 2015 Grow Log

    Seedlings are still pretty slow, a few are just starting to poke up out of the soil... at least the annums and a few others will be ready to go. Pimenta de Neyde My rhombs are starting to flower and getting pretty bushy The Aji Amarillo overwinters need to get outside... soon.  
  18. synclinorium

    seeds Isolating Seed Stock - Slut shaming

    An isolated cross is one thing, the more pervasive problems probably just come down to bad sourcing for seed stock. It's not like a major distributor is going to be sitting on a large stock of the latest monster-of-the-week pepper, these things tend to have a very short-lived marketability as a...
  19. synclinorium

    synclinorium's 2015 Grow Log

    I'm getting 100% germ on my lanceolatum seeds and 0% on my older seeds. Some of the chinenses I bought from Judy have started to germ, and I only got those in the mail 3 or 4 days ago. Disappointing, but I'll let everything go for a while and hope for the best, it's only been a couple weeks. I...
  20. synclinorium

    synclinorium's 2015 Grow Log

    Probably should have started seeds earlier, oh well. Annums are poking up, most everything else hasn't even started to germinate yet.