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  1. logchief

    Hello from ga

    Hey Welcome from central CA
  2. logchief

    What to plant next?

    Datils are tasty and come from St. Augestine, fatallis are also pretty tasty and seeds are not too hard to find Crap HS, I was typing as you were, guess great minds think alike
  3. logchief

    How big does the butch t and brain strain plants get?

    WC, those look beautiful, cute young ladies too.
  4. logchief

    Rectal TeflonĀ® Suppositories

    Here's a little formula below on rectal discomfort from over indulgence in Capsacin
  5. logchief

    My Best Friend Roscoe

    I know you can't replace, but you'll be surprised how uplifting bringing a new friend home can be. You'll always have the fond memories
  6. logchief

    Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Yellow AISPES Pods

    Those last pods look scary :hell: (real nice) and they are certainly different from the others. Will be interesting to see how they ripen, sure producing nice.
  7. logchief

    contest Begin! Mexican TD

    Wow, this looks like some great stuff, can't go wrong with Mexican. :dance: Wish I had gotten home from this fire assignment in TX a couple days sooner to join in. Flying home from Dallas tomorrow afternoon, so doubt I could make the deadline without sneaking something in from Taco Bell.
  8. logchief

    greenhouse Spicy Chicken's grow room and greenhouse makeover

    Crap, Nova and Midwest beat me to the punch, that was the first thing I was looking for. :D :D As is always said, can't wait to see the pics of a shelf full of baby peppers next to the wood stove with the snow flying outside
  9. logchief

    The Drunken Chef

    Beautiful PK, your presentations are so Keystoneish. I might even eat that Sh$% with :shame: a Budwieser
  10. logchief

    Silver_Surfer's season starts

    Beautiful SS, do you have a guide to get you through that jungle :dance: :dance:
  11. logchief

    Happy Birthday SNACKSANDSUCH!

    :bday: Dude, +1 for PRF
  12. logchief

    Yellow Fingers

    Yeah they do look good and taste good too, just wish I could identify them positively, may not be possible. Boutrous hasn't been around for awhile.
  13. logchief

    Yellow Fingers

    I got these seeds from Boutrous, he called them Yellow Fingers, can't find any info on them, checked the database at chiliman. A couple are turning redish orange and nothing yellow yet. I'm thinking maybe a cross. They taste good and have good hot hab heat. It's my best producing plant so...
  14. logchief

    Justaguy's 2011 Garden Season

    Hey Brian, some good lookin pods there :dance: :dance: . Will definately make some good beginning for more sauces
  15. logchief

    Hello from Southern California

    Hey :welcome: from Central CA. You're right it's additcting
  16. logchief

    event Northwest ChileFest 2011

    Well, found out yesterday our friends will be in Hawaii for Sept. so we won't be coming up probably till next spring, damnit. :mope: We were looking forward to meeting everybody. I certainly look forward to the pics.
  17. logchief

    Simple beginnings...

    Hey Aph, great job. Really nice lookin plants and pods. :dance: :dance:
  18. logchief

    Cappy's Capsicum 2011

    Absoutely amazing Cappy, great videos too. :dance: :dance:
  19. logchief

    Wayrights 2eleven

    Holy crap Kevin, that looks phenomenal :dance: :dance:
  20. logchief

    Spicegeist's Summer 2011

    Great looking pods SG, ain't if a hoot :onfire: