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  1. MisterBigglesworth

    tv Super hot Video: The Spicy World of Pepper People Trailer

    Salsalady, have you watched the entire series and what are your thoughts?
  2. MisterBigglesworth

    Guatemalan Peppers

    I grew a variety called "Petenero" a few years back.    From the Lake Petenero region of Guatemala.     Habanero type, with a flavor like the Bahama Goat.   
  3. MisterBigglesworth

    Super Hot Mystery

    The pods look very smooth compared to the super hots you have listed in the original post. Did you have any varieties of C. Chinense last year with smooth pods?
  4. MisterBigglesworth

    Hungarian Wax peppers/Hot Banana Peppers

    It's the heat, IMO. I have similar issues here in NC. Can you provide shade? It helps a lot.
  5. MisterBigglesworth

    Anybody grown both?: Aji Cito & Lemon

    I've been growing Aji Cito for 4 years. Very productive and perfect for salsas. All the baccatums I've tried are very thirsty plants.
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    BIG SHOW OFF: Photos of Your Hybrids!

      That would be a great name for a hybrid purple pepper!          This hybrid originally was from Bhuter up in Michigan.     SBJ7 cross:     the 1st generation was bumpy.   Now, they're..... shiny.    And very tasty. 
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    pics Lets see your meanest, most gnarly pods!!!

    Shameless re-post from another thread.     Mystery cross 7P Red x Red Habanero x ???    
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    BIG SHOW OFF: Photos of Your Hybrids!

    Here's one that I can't explain fully.    1st gen parent was a 7P red x Habanero Red from Trident chili, grew out large hab shaped red pods.   Saved these seeds and here is 2nd gen:        Easily the largest C. chinense I have ever grown.       Since these were OP seeds, who knows but I can...
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    Nebru 7 pod test

      Sauces, powders, and gifts(bwahaha!) 
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    Nebru 7 pod test

    Did I mention they're prolific?     Two plants, two pounds ( 1kg) today.   
  11. MisterBigglesworth

    Nebru 7 pod test

      On Hippy Seed company's reviews Neil shows one the size of a tennis ball.   Then he ate it!    :onfire:
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    Nebru 7 pod test

    I, too got seeds in a trade with Sir John of Trident.   LOVE this pepper.    Great taste, prolific and huge pods.   
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    pics Lets see your meanest, most gnarly pods!!!

    Color variation in Fish peppers  
  14. MisterBigglesworth

    chinense Bonnie Golden Ghost

    Verne, yours sure looks like an annum. Has it got heat?
  15. MisterBigglesworth

    Transplant shock

    Good timing, I'm getting ready to plant out and my peppers are very root bound. I'll try fluffing!
  16. MisterBigglesworth

    Hunting peppers in Guadeloupe (Caribbean/West Indies)

          Hunt peppers, but be cautious for you are being watched.      
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    What is the sweetest least floral of really hot pepper varieties?

    Hippy Seed Co. Nebru7. Yellow SB x Yellow 7 Pot. Scotch bonnet favor with more heat.
  18. MisterBigglesworth

    St Augustine datil pepper sources

    I will report any useful info I can find. Heading there tomorrow 1/12.