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    It's never too early to get started!

    Looks better than any I have outside and I'm in Thailand!
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    Hot Naga Chicken Curry

    I was googling this recipe as the original has disappeared from the original site. I have screen shots of the site but this is better for printing. It sounds absolutely brutal lol.
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    tutorial Fermenting Peppers 101

    Yeah when you see green or blue in the growth you can be sure it's mold and needs to go from what I've heard.   I get crazy yeast going on in my mashes because of high temps here.  Only thing that can prevent it is daily stirring.  Sometimes yeast pops up anyway or I forget to stir it and I end...
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    fermenting Chili Mash and Mold: The "Cure"

    I've been posting about mold issues here from time to time and have still been battling it. I'm fermenting from mash and whether I cleaned jars with dilute bleach or StarSan or used airlocks or not, increased salt percentage, I still got %$#$%E% mold! I live where temps are always 90° everyday...
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    Fresh vs Dry pods -- a Sauce experiment

    Doing some research here and bummed a lot of photos are gone. :(
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    Aww. "Video unavailable"

    Aww. "Video unavailable"
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    fermenting Large Scale Fermentation Equipment & Monitoring

    Cool, these and plastic 6 gallon ones are available here.  Do you work with mash of chopped fruit?  How do you prevent mold on these large scale ferments?    
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    tutorial Fermenting Peppers 101

    Thank you for your replies!   I use 20% pineapple vinegar by volume of milled sauce.  The milled sauce is too brutal by itself so the vinegar "tames" it enough via it's taste and/or dilution.   There's a lot of people who cook but it really affects the appearance in a negative way as I mentioned...
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    fermenting Large Scale Fermentation Equipment & Monitoring

    I'm starting to look at plastic as well. Initially I thought using bubblers would be OK since I can get a 3.5 gallon on to start.  Presently my max bottle size for fermenting is about 3 liters and those are the clasp style jars as shown below.       With a 6.5 gallon plastic bucket, (like...
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    Pepper Harvest and Processing

    You've one more follower on FB. ;)   
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    cooking How to preserve chilli sauce without cooking it.

    I find this VERY interesting as others here cook for waaaaay longer and at much higher temps.  These high temps do NOT work for me as I get an oily separation from the sauce which I find visually disturbing.  I detailed it here...
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    cooking Cooking Sauce (Minimum Temp and for how long?)

    What is the temp you use for bottling?    
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    tutorial Fermenting Peppers 101

    Cooking is necessary unless you add vinegar to the sauce to stop fermentation, correct?    
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    tutorial Fermenting Peppers 101

    I posted something similar a year ago but no one agreed.  It is a massively ungainly post with good info but at the same time finding that info is the trick.  I'd hate to be the one to distill this down into something concise.  There is a lot of chaff to weed through.   
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    tutorial Fermenting Peppers 101

    I usually use 4% salt but have been battling mold in my last couple of batches so this time I added 5% salt (of the fruit weight) and it is slightly better.  I have high ambient temps here all year.  Looking back at my past photos (easier than looking at my notes) my pH is 3.4/3.5 at the end of...
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    tutorial Making Hot Sauce 101

    Looks good!  I'll have to see if I can find these beans here.     I'm always confused by "chili powder" in recipes as where I live it's gonna be spicy unless I go to a grocery with western products.  I bought some "paprika" recently that said so on the label but was kinda spicy and not what I'd...
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    Mold Again Using Dry Ghosts -> Long Post

    The only hot water we have is for the 3 showers and one jacuzzi tub.  These are instant on electrical units that we don't use much actually.  I've never used the tub as a hot bath in these temps is not appealing. The washing machine may have a heater in it for hot water, as there is only one...
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    Mold Again Using Dry Ghosts -> Long Post

    Thanks SL, I like your simmering idea but I'll make the call about adding the water as well on the day I next start a batch.  As I mentioned, I'd used boiling water to immerse them but it wasn't a simmer, just a soak and the temp went down over time.  So a 5 minute simmer should do it?   RE...
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    Mold Again Using Dry Ghosts -> Long Post

    Thanks Durge. :) I used to pour boiling water into my jars before adding the mash, but after a few jars cracked I gave up that practice.   I had employed the airlocks and decided I wasn't going to go in there and stir as much (as I wanted to) as I was beginning to think part of the reason that I...