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  1. Rainman

    hydroponic Growing peppers hydroponically Need Help!

    I'm no expert but your DWC plants look like they are not doing very well.  If they are recently transplanted, are the roots reaching the nutrient solution?   I ran an ebb/flow system and during a power cut, the pump stopped working.  My plants looked like yours in that pic as they were not...
  2. Rainman

    Red Wigglers - Vermicompost

    I found the best way to increase population size was to use a food processor to cut up all the food really small.  The worms eat it so fast and multiply like crazy.     Then, when the bin was established nicely, I just chucked the stuff in as it was and let it do its thing.    I don't think it...
  3. Rainman

    hydroponic Anyone Have Experience With NFS Hydroponics?

      +1 This is essentially Ebb / Flow (often called flood / drain).  I made this system for the first time this year and it was really easy and works well.
  4. Rainman

    How r ur peppers going in Perth west oz?

      I think the orange bhut came from Micca, but I did also buy some some seeds so I may be mistaken.   Either way, if I have any spare seeds from the next round of pods, I may be able to send you some.  I'm not sure what's left on the plant until I pop over to my friends house next week as we...
  5. Rainman

    How r ur peppers going in Perth west oz?

      The only seeds I have are those that went through the dehydrator - would they still be viable?  I keep getting too excited and forget to save seeds, always in such as rush to eat, sauce or powder them up!   I think there are still some green peppers on the plant, so will make sure I remember...
  6. Rainman

    How r ur peppers going in Perth west oz?

      I may just leave my plants a while longer... heaps more pods started to set and the orange habanero finally set too, which is good as I love that orange powder on my roast chicken in the winter.   Here are the orange bhuts (grown at my friends house)     Made up some sauce with two of them...
  7. Rainman

    Transplant from DWC / LPA to Dutch Buckets

    I did a transplant from DWC to Dutch Bucket this year... I did nothing other than move the net potted plant and turned on the new system, no adverse effects at all.   As Matt says, keeping the temp in the reservoir low is key for an outdoor set-up, as high temp = low oxygen levels in the nute...
  8. Rainman

    How r ur peppers going in Perth west oz?

      I'm putting this years hydro down to an experience, so they can make do with what I've got in terms of nutes and additives etc. as the weather is turning too, so they are not long for this world.  Being outdoor hydro with no decent lights (other than the ones i have for new starts), I don't...
  9. Rainman

    What kind of wildlife do you have in your area?

    Grasshoppers the size of my hand (seriously) and something, probably birds (although I have not ruled out my new neighbor), has eaten all my Jalapenos and Red Savinas.  
  10. Rainman

    How r ur peppers going in Perth west oz?

      Finally got round to getting some of this Oxy Plus (50%) as the roots were brownish.  Micca, what ratio of ml to water do you use when you have fungal issues?    I'm currently flushing the system with 2 ml Oxy to 10L of water, but not sure if that's enough.  I'm scared to go too high as I...
  11. Rainman

    Deficiency chart with photos

      This would be one of the best pinned/stickies IMO.  I am a little wary of the few deficiency charts that go about as I'm a relatively new grower, so cannot always relate what I'm seeing on my plants to the "descriptions" listed on the chart.     The link in the OP has photos, but not the best...
  12. Rainman

    yield Yield?

      Swampy I get sick with envy every time you post that damn pic, can you please stop adding it to any more threads ;)
  13. Rainman

    Stickman's 2015 - That's All She Wrote...

    Just woke up and browsing the glogs... saw your Guisado de Pollo photo and now have to try this, looks so good!
  14. Rainman

    water Anyone use water filters for garden?

    Cheers guys - never thought about caravan water filters to remove chlorine.  I spent hours filling 65L tubs up to air-off chlorine.  For $20, I can go straight from my garden hose, such a time saver :)
  15. Rainman

    pests Hello from Perth & Please Help ID my Bugs..

    Aphids.  They will make the plants leaves deform, and new growth struggles.   They are a pain in the ass.  I tried a few organic options and some other milder pest control sprays from Bunnings, but they were not very effective.   In the end, I used Confidor spray to get rid of them and that...
  16. Rainman

    What's the problem with these chilli plants ?

    You plants look fine to me, bar the one yellow one, which might be getting too much water?     Remember different types of chili plant like different amounts of water, so you cant always just do the same for everything.   Its getting late in the year for growing though dude, we're into autumn...
  17. Rainman

    How r ur peppers going in Perth west oz?

    Try gumtree Pinhigh. I think someone on there was selling them when I was looking last year, but they were too expensive imo.  I ended up buying worms to make my own from a place in Wellard (SOR).
  18. Rainman

    How r ur peppers going in Perth west oz?

      It probably is a fungal thing.  I just googled 'Bato Pots' and they look similar to my set-up, in that a small amount of water will pond in the bottom of the pot that is below the drain plug.  I saw insane growth then the leaves suddenly went yellowish, some black spots on the leaves and...
  19. Rainman

    How r ur peppers going in Perth west oz?

    All quiet around here - you guys busy harvesting I hope?    I'm learning that hydro is not as easy as all that.  Things were going so well - huge bushy plants, but I think I left my reservoir go a few days too long a couple of weeks back (I was holding out for a weekend as I was too tired to...
  20. Rainman

    hydroponic Indoor and outdoor hydroponic peppers in North Dakota

      Your set-up intrigues me.  Do you have lots of roots coming out of the net pot that exposed to sun?    I've looked closely and don't see any significant roots at all on some of the pots, yet the plants are large and full of fruit.   I'm curious as I'd possibly like to build one of these set-ups.