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    Lost nearly all my 7 Pot Primo in the flood brother...... Have growers ISO in several states.  My backyard crosses were spared..... Take care. P Don't show my face around here as much as I used to.... Sorry guys.... Just checking it to see what ya'll think..... Take care.  Thanks for the kind...
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    7 Pot White From The Pepper Geek (Ignite)

    Is this the same as the White Bhut Jolokia (which has the heat of a typical red hab)?  My White Bhut Jolokia are throwing ablong as well as round pods like this one. I even had a plant throw red pods (which was a lot hotter than the white ).  From what I hear about the White Bhut Jolokia, it's...
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    chinense Carolina Reaper confirmed the world's hottest pepper

      Thanks for the kind words Tim.... I've been out of the loop for a bit. Licking my wounds. lol  Take care and happy growing!  Primo
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    7 Pot Primo Scoville Challenge

    Thanks again Brian.  Appreciate the data.  You and Dale have done good things....
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    7 Pot Primo Scoville Challenge

      Oh it has been strange hasn't it?!  It's been unseasonably hot here, with less rainfall then in previous years. The humidity is here and though the chinense love it, we do not.  Humidity brings forth humility to humanity. lol Glad you are getting some good harvest Judy.  We're a little late in...
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    The Primo HPLC Testing Thread...By The Ghost Pepper Store

    Thanks Brian, Dale, and everyone at THP.  Brian, I do think you need some congrats on this one!  You purchased seed, propigated, grew out, and actually took the time to send off pods for testing.  I thank you and owe you some free seed this year and some pepper jelly.  I think that was the...
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    chinense Want a C.chinense with zero heat???

    I've also grown tobagos for the last six years or so.  No heat that I can detect. I've had some folks that are seasoning-sensitive say they can barely detect the heat.  So, I guess <500 could be about right.   I find them great for adding to dishes that require habs.  So, I still use the habs...
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    7 Pot Primo Scoville Challenge

    Doing good sister.  Finally got our house fixed up.  It was our first, and came with an undisclosed leak and bad roof.  The sellers covered up the leak, and the inspector dropped the footbal.  Leason learned:  Get two inspectors or one electrician, one roofer, one plumber, etc... lol So, I'm a...
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    Thanks man... It was great. Foodball, BBQ, and family. Appreciate it. Primo

    Thanks man... It was great. Foodball, BBQ, and family. Appreciate it. Primo
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    hybrid 7pot Primo Orange or cross?

    Very nice man.  Looks like the my yellow skined grandchild. ha
  11. Primo

    Presenting "My FAVORITE Pepper"... The PRIMO!!!

    You got it man.... Appreciate your kind words and your passion for my pepper. Like I've always said, "Do what you do with honesty, and integrity. In the end, even if you dont succeed, you know you did what you love doing."  No one can take that from you man.  It's my montra. I hope you sell a...
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    7 Pot Primo Scoville Challenge

    Didn't think it hit that hot man... Did find this on Duffy's site:   "However an unofficial test at Warwick University in England had a dried Naga Morich pepper pod come in at over 1,500,000 Scoville units!!!"
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    Presenting "My FAVORITE Pepper"... The PRIMO!!!

      Yeah man. Indeed.  I find that the early season pods tend to be small, yet Dale had some real big ones in this batch too.  Actually, the last two years, I've been trying to selectively breed the larger fruit. Testing if it's nurture or nature. ha  Looks like it's mainly nature, but we will...
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    Presenting "My FAVORITE Pepper"... The PRIMO!!!

    Look what I received in the mail yesterday!  A big box of 7 Pot Primo's from BakersPeppers!   Dale, these are some "Primo quality Primo's" man.  Sinister tales, and sinister heat!! Your customers will surly be satisfied. That said, I'm happy to have you officially growing the 7 Pot Primo.  ...
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    Presenting "My FAVORITE Pepper"... The PRIMO!!!

      Dale,   I'm overjoyed that not only is the 7 Pot Primo is your favorite pepper, but that you are selling the hell out of them.  I wish you, your family, and your business the greatest success.  Let me know if I can do anything for you brother.   Rock on, Primo
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    Pepperproblem Facebook memorial Site

    Please join this memorial to Shawn aka pepperproblem. His sister Heidi wanted to personally invite you all... Take care. Primo
  17. Primo

    RIP Pepperproblem :(

    From Shawn's sister Heidi: "Hi Primo, thank you so much for getting back to me. There is one thing you can do for me at this time. We created a facebook memorial page for people to reach the family. We would like if you could post it on the hot pepper site. It is " pepperproblem memorial "...
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    RIP Pepperproblem :(

    Amazing list....  He was definetely growing way more this year then I ever imagined. Lots of rare ones....  Glad all is going well with the help for Gerry and the family.  Shawn would have totally approved and is totally here smiling.
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    RIP Pepperproblem :(

    Hey man... thanks for helping bro.  Yeah, it's hard for me to really do anything other than help corridinate or lend my expertiese...being I'm way down in the swampland.  I totally agree with you, Chris should get that Purple Moruga. Glad you got in touch with Gerry.  Yes, please call.  If I...
  20. Primo

    RIP Pepperproblem :(

    Hey man.... Going to PM you and Nigel and CC you in the email correspondence with Shawn's friend that has been intrusted with the plants.  Appreciate your help guys... Much love.  Preem   Understand bro...  I've got family coming in here as well so my email time may be limited.  That said, I'll...