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    CGN 2150xxx

    No, they all turn that peach color.
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    CGN 2150xxx

    All 3 of my plants appear true to form.  Editing to add I will check to see where my seed was from.  I know I had a big order from Semilas last year but I can't remember if that was the source or not.
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    Contest is closed. Congrats sevenstrings

    207 please :)
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    vendor Wicked Mike's peppers this guy ROCKS

    Got my peppers today, an amazing selection.  I am supposed to wait for family and the official pepper tasting but I had to eat one of the Bahamian Goats and CGN 21500.  And one each of the tiny little yellow and red ones, and then one other that was starting to turn soft and wouldn't make it to...
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    CGN 2150xxx

    I just picked my first ripe one.  It will be a couple days before I get to try it.  
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    Caribbean Red sauce

    The ginger pear preserves on the Ball Canning website:   My sister's recipe for Spiced Pear Butter:   I do not use the cardamom at all, and I tend to go light on the cloves.
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    Caribbean Red sauce

    Sure can. I will find them and post them.
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    CGN 2150xxx

    I guess they are still green, not blushing peach yet.  But still 2-toned.    
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    CGN 2150xxx

    Mine look pretty similar to yours.  They have that peach/purplish cast to them but are the traditional shape.  I will try and snap some pictures next week.
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    Latex is oil permeable. You need to get nitrile gloves. You'll never go back :)

    Latex is oil permeable. You need to get nitrile gloves. You'll never go back :)
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    Anyone growing any large Cherry Bombs?

    I frequently get ones that big on my plants.  Kind of hard to see but in the upper left you can see some cherry bomb peppers on my plants.  In my opinion the perfect use for Cherry Bomb peppers is in homemade sriracha.  It makes the best flavored sauce.  I will throw a few ripe serranos in to...
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    baccatum Baccatum Peppers. Question about flavor

    I get the soapy taste in quite a few baccatums but could eat cilantro by the handful.  Love cilantro!
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    what is the best tasting chocolate hot pepper?

      I got mine from Pepperlover.  If my plants bounce back enough to where I get some peppers I'd be happy to get you some pods to try.
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    what is the best tasting chocolate hot pepper?

    Black Congo is my current favorite, followed by Chocolate Bhut and Chocolate Habanero.
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    Twins ??

    Much more common in tomatoes than peppers, but all the flowering plants in the solanaceae family do it to some extent (peppers, tomatillos, tomatoes, eggplant, etc).  When referring to tomatoes it is usually called a megablossom.
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    tutorial Making some puree today...will post pics of the's easy....

    Getting this one back on the first page, it should be made a sticky :)
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    Anyone have Kpakpo Shito seeds?

    Yes they are.
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    Anyone have Kpakpo Shito seeds?

    I have 8 or so I could send you if you want (only have a dozen left).  I harvested these from the Zoo Arboretum here in Minneapolis (I think Joe Delaney was the provider of the seeds to the Arboretum) last year.  It would be fun to trade for either the Jigsaw or Sugar Rush. Iif you are...
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    baccatum Soapy Baccatum Taste

    Bishop's Crown and Brazilian Starfish are two peppers I have never experienced the soapy taste with either.