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  1. thorntad

    seeds Help - deformed seedlings

    Hi - I have attached a couple of photos of these seedlings that I have raised from seed.  There has been lots of leaf deformation and I am at a loss as to what could be the problem.  Here are the background facts:   Grown from seeds using a combination of paper towel method and direct in rock...
  2. thorntad

    fermenting Fermenting a Pepper Mash, First Time

    Here are the photos of two that I am currently working on.  Obviously, the red one has had lots of taste testing!  I just redo the vacuum each time I open and it keeps it mold/yeast free.  
  3. thorntad

    fermenting Fermenting a Pepper Mash, First Time

    Hi   I used to have this problem especially when I was trying to ferment cucumbers or make sauerkraut.  I tried a  bunch of different techniques to eliminate.  The absolute best that I have developed uses the same Ball jars, the two piece lids, and a foodsaver canning attachment.  I've attached...
  4. thorntad

    Hi from Wellington New Zealand

    Just a quick hello!   Surprised to see a fellow Kiwi from Wellington in here.  Full disclosure - I am actually an American but now am a NZ citizen and have been here for 6 years.   We live in Paekakariki at the moment.  Just moved here in the last year.  Looking forward to the coming chilli...
  5. thorntad

    Hi from Wellington, NZ

    Hi - I'm Tony and I'm a long time addict.  Food is basically just a chilli delivery system for me :)   I have done some small-scale growing in the past using both seeds and seedlings but finally have settled down a little bit and have some decent space to really grow a decent crop.  The season...