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    Any Tips for Growing Baccatums?

    Honestly for me they seem like the easiest variety to grow. They grow tall usually and mature very quickly and hardly have problems with flowerdrop. Treat them like your average pepper plant, dont overwater, dont overfeed and they'll be just fine
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    blenders Immersion Blender advice

    Bamix immersion blenders are very good too, been using one for years
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    seeds What am I doing wrong with my seedlings?

    If i were you I'd repot them a bit deeper and then give them a better light source. Like JHP said, if they get insufficient lighting they'll stretch out like yours trying to get closer to light.
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    Should I Change My Screen Name?

    Yes, change it to 'God Emperor Trump'
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    hydroponic Hydroponic fertilizers EU?

    My pleasure; pal!
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    hydroponic Hydroponic fertilizers EU?

    This is where i get mine. or Both ship quickly and never had any problems with them
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    Are you cutting back the grow in 2017 or expanding?

    This is exactly what happens to me every year. By the end of the season i see how much peppers i have that I just have no use for. Then i start selecting seeds for next season and just get so hyped and excited that i expend anyways... Chilihead brains work in mysterious ways!
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    Show us your holy grail of growing

    How do you germinate?   I put my seeds ontop of a wet paper towel inside of a chinese take away container untill i see the 'hooks'. Then i plant them in individual pots. What is your soil mix made of?   Potting soil, perlite, osmocote pellets, coco coir, blood and hornmeal, lava meal   What do...
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    The ins and outs of Epsom salt

    Nice score there, 25kg of that stuff will last you a lifetime. I use an epsom salts spray on my seedlings every 2 weeks roughly, 1 teaspoon of epsom salts dissolved into 1liter of luke warm water. Then after i transplant them outdoors I just top dress some epsom salts every month or so. Just go...
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    Back again an hello from Israel

      I thought you were more into japanese men, QQ? welcome back man, good luck with next years grow
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    Capsicum lanceolatum

    Alright thanks for all the encouragement folks! I still have some Giberrellic acid laying around that i might try on these seeds to give them some extra easy germination.
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    Odd Spikes and bumps on a few peppers (pic)

    Even my lemon drops sometimes throw out these kinds of pods that have spikes all over them. Possibly has something to do with weather conditions, but don't quote me on that. All in all nothing to be concerned about, if anything, it kind of looks cool! Have fun eating those!
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    Capsicum lanceolatum

      Thanks for you response man! I've read your topic about C. Lanceolatum and really enjoyed the pictures you had, that's the reason I'll be growing this next season. Yes, I've also only had good experiences with Peter's seeds, and for that price I just had to get some. Any way of preventing or...
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    Capsicum lanceolatum

    So I've ordered some capsicum lanceolatum seeds from I've read a bit about this plant, and everyone says it grows slowly and is very hard to grow. So how exactly is this plant hard to grow? Sensitive to overfeeding? Grows so slow you have to start it ages before your actual season...
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    Word Association Thread

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    contest Throwdown Throne

    Congratulations to my buddy GIP!
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    smoking Shorerider's BBQ Chicken.

    Sexy looking dish there, Chore
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    a little ID help please

    Those are the infamous trinidad scorpion 'butch T' variety, as far as i know, like hogleg said
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    I agree, he deserves recognition and seems like a good guy. I wonder what Ed Currie will throw out in response though. 
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    yay more hype and drama soon