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  1. mrjomama12341

    Instant Pot

    I absolutely love my IP. I have done everything from cheesecake to Borscht and even boiled eggs perfect soft boiled 5 mins super easy to peel.
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    vendor Mega Biggups to Texas Hot Peppers

     Hey Dasgrinch What are those purple/tan peppers that look like mushrooms  to the right of your yellow powder?  
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    free Free Moruga Scorpion seeds with purchase

    The site looks great!!!!
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    lighting My first sprouts bhut jolokia and questions on lighting

    I wasnt sucessfull in hand pollination but more buds are getting ready to open
  5. mrjomama12341

    This is Colossal...No, Really

    Nice site thanks I like all the lego sculptures
  6. mrjomama12341

    Ok who would win rocky and vin diesel

    I think Rocky yah hes old but he's built and rember when he got popped for Roids. Roid Rage!!
  7. mrjomama12341

    Ok who would win rocky and vin diesel

    Ok my brother in law , father in law and my self think Rocky would kick Vins butt. However my wife, and both sister in laws think Vin diesel. So who do you think would win in a fight? Help me settle this dispute.
  8. mrjomama12341

    seeds best soil for seed germ ?

    Anything works that wont compact to tightly. If it has wood,bark or peat moss then you will get more air in the soil letting the roots breathe. there's a great guide here
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    Question: Decreasing capsaicin sensitivity and related symptoms

    Yah I have had experiences like that while eating super hots straight. Your body is releasing large amounts of endorphins due to accidently biting that hab. Once your mouth stops numbing in a few more days your capsaicin immunity will be higher . Until then you will have a more sensitive mouth...
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    Fatalii x Chocolate Bhut Jolokia F1, F2

    That looks amazing!!! Keep it up man
  11. mrjomama12341

    breeding black pearl x bhut jolokia hybrids plan

    So I have read several articles on creating hybrids. I am interested in making an Black Pearl X Bhut Jolokia cross According to the chart at My seeds would be low seed count first generation. I'm planning on...
  12. mrjomama12341

    fermenting First fermented sauce attempt

    Rocketman has a nice guide I believe your suposed to add good bacteria And keep the ph low
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    cfl grow light set up

    That's brilliant!!! I never would have thought of using a clothing hanger. Thanks for sharing!
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    pics Just wanted to share some pics ; )

    Those look great!! Keep it up! Fastastic photos you must use a nice camera.
  15. mrjomama12341

    my first bhut jolokia grow log

    That's a good idea I will have to try this come spring.
  16. mrjomama12341

    my first bhut jolokia grow log

    Thanks for the info I have gloves on suply ever since the wife incident.
  17. mrjomama12341

    my first bhut jolokia grow log

    I plan ok moving them outside this spring I'm also growing a black pearl that's budding out in a seperate room. And i am waiting on my peter peppers and butch t trinidads to germinate I started them on the 12th
  18. mrjomama12341

    my first bhut jolokia grow log

    Well all I can say is thank you for all the help you gave to a pepper newb. I started my Bhut Jolokias in an egg carton and after a few weeks moved them into a plastic bag with damp paper towels under a reading lamp for heat until they sprouted. Next I bought some 6 inch flower planters the...
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    lighting My first sprouts bhut jolokia and questions on lighting

    My first bhut buds I trimed the leaves around the buds so I can see when the flower opens and I can polinate
  20. mrjomama12341

    Black Pearl...

    I have a black pearl in an airgarden hydro setup Mines doing the same thing I just thought it was the hydro setup. I'll try moving one of my grow lights next to it and see if it darkens . It has baby buds though.