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    bottling Hot fill/hold for plastic bottles?

    Certain plastics will allow hot fill and some wont. I use plastic gal jugs for BBQ Sauce from Berlin Packaging but made sure they were hot fallible. Supplier should be able to tell you if they are hot fill or not. Just MAKE SURE they are or you will end up with a mess or the potential of plastic...
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    30% Off Entire Site

    www,amfarms,us   30%Off Sale Entire site till Oct 10
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    Dragons Breath Seeds

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    Dragons Breath Seeds

    Will get some today, everything was picked and deseeded and i use them in our Fire Of the Gods sauce.
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    Dragons Breath Seeds

    We are a contract to grow and isolate our own seeds. We sell off our extras and our Dragon Breath plants really produced this year so have extra we are willing to sell.  For THP members, will let them for go for $6 a 20+ pack or $25 for a 100 Pack.   I ordered this strain from Chili Bob in...
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    Welcome, lots of good info and help here.
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    vendor Hot pepper vendors/farmers

    Sounds like they been sitting before they ship. never had a issue with two to three day shipping unless sits over weekend in hot truck. I never ship past wed. avoids the weekends in the truck in a lot somewhere.
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    vendor Hot pepper vendors/farmers

    Ive never had a problem shipping, other than the occasional box crush from UPS, grower btw, ship all the time
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    Bulk Seeds

    Cant edit for some reason, the pricing is wrong and been updated on web. $25 per 100 seeds
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    Bulk Seeds

    We grow from our own isolated seeds.  We contract grow and not really in the seed business, however this year we are going to have alot of extra seeds.  Everthing is packaged in lots of 100.  $40 per hundred. This is right now what there is extra of., more added as i get em collected and sorted...
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    free Free shipping for July

    Free shipping on everything we make through end of July. No catches or gimmicks..
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    business Barcode - UPC for Retailing  Use them when I need codes, never had any issues
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    Welcome. lots of good people and information here.
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    A&M Farms Expanding

    Have a contracts with sauce makers, did 3000 pounds last season, expanding to cover 6000 this season, we grow what they buyers order. Yes we will be doing powders and mash as well as fresh if thats what ordered. Over supply and stock will be available to public, just as we did last year but our...
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    A&M Farms Expanding

    Wanna thabnk everyone on the forums for your support the last couple of years, we couldnt keep up with the demand so we have expanded. Here is part of what we have going on. Will be adding more dehydrators and commercial grinders closer to picking time. We will primarily be bulk sales only this...
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    Carolina Reaper Pepper Supplier?

    Thanks for the recommendation, we are currently out of everything, but will be back in stock of things in a couple of months, reworking the website and getting ready to plant this seasons crops, 10,000 plants in all to be exact. Organic grown, Sweet Grown Alabama certified,. Will make...
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    Pepper Grinds

    7 Pot is Sold
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    Pepper Grinds

    1 pound 7 Pot Primo Red.  $30 1 pound Green Jalapeno $20 1 pound Smoked Serrano $25   Shipping included in the prices.    
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    More Ground 7 Pot

    Thanks friend, glad you like it 100% organic grown. will have some more ready in a couple days.