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    wanted Looking for Capsicum Galapagoense

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    Thanks everyone. I just saw this and I did have a very nice Birthday, but I'm getting to the age that I want to start pretending they don't exist anymore.  ;)
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    labels Label Suggestions

    #1- More contrast between the Red border and the Yellow/Green inner label. Stands out better than the other two. 
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    storage First Hard Freeze Tonight... Last Harvest 2018

    Yep, fought all season to keep pods on plants with extended heat waves and monsoons, worse season ever for me. Then October came and thought I had a fighting chance. Several plants bloomed and produced pods but before most could ripen here comes good old Mr. Freeze.   But I had a plan. I crammed...
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    wanted WTB: Clavo Red pods

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    Peppers with longest burn time?

    Actually for longest burn time I'd go with Clavo Red. 
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    Daisy Cutter

    I have grown both in the past. They look very similar. 7p Jonah seemed really big on long lasting heat and very little on flavor, while the Daisy Cutter had a better Chinense type flavor and was at least as hot as the 7p Jonah if not hotter, but the Daisy Cutter seemed to peak much quicker so it...
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    video Curious Oddity - help identify

    With the spikes on that leaf it appears to be more like an Agave or an Aloe. Can't really see the thickness of the leaf to be sure. Interesting sauce non the less.
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    Peach and Orange SFRB $17 PayPal

    Interested. Sent PM
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    lighting Costco $40 LED Grow Lights

    Thanks. I'll be picking a few up if my nearest Costco in Bullhead City has them in stock. 
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    chinense Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion pod test

    I rarely see much of a reaction from you during your reviews. That one must have been really hot. Are seeds available for this one yet? I love extreme heat with great flavor. 
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    lighting Costco $40 LED Grow Lights

    Nice. What are the dimensions? I could not see them on the box. 
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    outdoors The 2018 Hunt Is Nigh Upon Us!!

    I just got back from checking my trail cameras. While checking on one I ran into a nice little 3x3 in velvet only about 30 yards from me. On the way out I ran into him a second time, again well within bow range. I was telling myself just my luck the day before archery opener. I got home and...
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    Hello from Southern California!

    Welcome I moved away from So Cal 2 years ago. You're in a really good area to grow peppers. I never knew how well I had it out there with my garden until I moved to Northern Arizona. Now I actually have to work at it. You'll love it here at THP. Lots of knowledge in these forums. 
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    off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

    Good morning everyone. Woke up to cooler temps this morning. Maybe, just maybe these flowers will start turning into pods!
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    What are you adding to next years grow?

    For my Chocolates I always grow JHC and Fatalii Chocolate. Both have great flavors.   Jays Peach is my nemeses. After growing it for several years and getting one or two pods per plant I finally admitted defeat and swore not to grow it anymore. I have been considering Wicked Mikes Peach for next...
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    Curry Goat

    Yes Sir! Bow season starts in 3 weeks, I'll be book marking this recipe! 
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    Old Guy/New Guy

    Good to have you back!  
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    Welcome from Arizona!