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  1. mlh5953

    pests Getting rid of fire ants

    I've been using multiple applications of Sevin. Which I'm not a fan of using in the vegetable garden, except in extreme circumstances like fire ants. I'm going to try your borax method next time instead.
  2. mlh5953

    harvesting What pepper are you most excited about this season?

    My first year trying Aji Charapita. Couldn't wait, so I tried a fully grown but still very green pod... It was excellent! :dance:
  3. mlh5953

    favorite dark or purple foliage types discussion

    I still love to grow Mojo Frutegum, which is a BB7 derivative. The plants have lots of purple tinge to the stems and leaves. But of course, their bleeding calix is the icing on the cake.
  4. mlh5953

    seeds seed mat heat issue

    Just to echo what everyone else has said... I use the cheap Jump Start thermostat set to 80F (about 27C). Your seeds will appreciate it and your mat should last longer too.
  5. mlh5953

    heat Hottest Pepper you grew in 2023 ........?

    The hottest one I ever grew was a 7 pot Douglah from seeds I got from AJ Drew several years ago. He sent me some of his Carolina Reaper pods around the same time, and I couldn't tell the difference between the two pungency-wise. :fireball:
  6. mlh5953

    pod 7 pot douglah

    A little longer than I would expect in a Douglah. But in my opinion, it's still too early to know for sure.
  7. mlh5953

    favorite What are your favorite jalapeƱo varieties?

    Mucho Nacho is my family's favorite for the last few years. Good Jalapeno taste and a good amount of heat too.
  8. mlh5953

    vendor Texas Hot Peppers?

    I've bought from THP several times now, and have always been satisfied. While there is always a chance for an unintended cross to appear with any seed vender, I have yet to have a problem with seeds from THP.
  9. mlh5953

    lighting How do you guys automate your growlights?

    I'm using mine for backyard lighting too. I love how it can be set up to turn on automatically at sundown so I don't have to keep adjusting it throughout the year, or reset it when the power goes off (like with old fashion timers).
  10. mlh5953

    health Please help me diagnose this habenada

    From what I can see, it looks a lot like slugs to me.
  11. mlh5953

    in-ground Pepper Transplanting Q

    ^^^ What CaneDog said. ^^^ Here's a link to Rutgers extension fact sheet about it:
  12. mlh5953

    vendor TexasHotPeppers

    Just received and planted my 2023 order from Texas Hot Peppers! As always, Garth filled and mailed the order quickly. Thanks Garth!
  13. mlh5953

    lighting How do you guys automate your growlights?

    I use several different timers inside and outside. The latest one I've tried and really like is the Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug KP400: It was only $25 US from Amazon.
  14. mlh5953

    seeds Where to buy seeds

    I buy scotch bonnet seeds from Refining File Chiles ( and Texas Hot Peppers ( I've never been disappointed.
  15. mlh5953

    lighting Picture of our seed starting rack with questions...

    ^^^ Yes to both. I use both types, though I only use the reflective insulation outdoors with Kratky buckets. But either one should work nicely for you.
  16. mlh5953

    vendor TexasHotPeppers

    Grew MOA Scotch Bonnets, Inca Red Drops, Lemon Spice Giants, and Coyote Zan White (a new favorite), all from TexasHotPeppers this year. As usual, all germinated without problem and grew true to type. This remains one of my favorite seed sources. Thanks Garth!
  17. mlh5953

    favorite What is your favorite Baccatum Chili and why?

    The pods almost never come away clean; so I guess the answer is 'no'. I've been to Manteo many times over the years, but didn't know about the 'Mother Vine'. It'll be on my to-do list for my next visit (hopefully next month).
  18. mlh5953

    favorite What is your favorite Baccatum Chili and why?

    Not sure if it is deciduous, I don't over-winter my plants, so have never observed their full year habits. As far as taste goes, to me the fully ripe pod has a slight Scuppernong Grape taste when I first bite into it. But hey, I'm the guy that thinks most of them have a soapy taste!