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  1. CaneDog

    seeds Sandia Seeds

    Nice! Sandia seems to keep adding more and more heat to their collection!
  2. CaneDog

    2024 - Let's save friends from death by chili pepper

    That's a great selection and, despite their slower start, they're looking strong and healthy! I hope the improved weather will have them growing quickly, now. It was a slow start to the season here as well.
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    Show Us Your Pubes! Group GLOG From The Rocoto Giveaway

    Damage would be expected going fairly suddenly from limited sun and warmth into much greater direct sun and warmth. Then you risk transpiration (wilt) and burn issues. If they're reasonably adjusted, the long hot days seem more to just result in flower drop and sometimes drop of pods that have...
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    Show Us Your Pubes! Group GLOG From The Rocoto Giveaway

    I'd probably hold off until I had indication a plant needed it. Many of mine in containers do fine without. Though if you're planning to use the round/cone style cages and you have a permanent location selected for them so you won't have to be moving them I might start now because you can't...
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    Show Us Your Pubes! Group GLOG From The Rocoto Giveaway

    That's awesome! Hopefully many more pod sets will follow. They're all looking strong and should start really packing on the size now.
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    Beginner w/ First pepper garden - 2x2 tent grow - 150 watt - Coco Coir and GH Flora Nutrients

    I remember a thread a while back where leaf-footed bugs were suggested, as DR suggests may be the case - bug thread Also, here's a UF article
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    Marturos 2024 Glog.

    Lookin' good, Marturo!
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    2019 Hay Bale Pepper Patch

    Your plants look in great shape and everything ship-shape and ready to go, DWB. Autopilot sounds fantastic. Wish I could set that up!
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    Padron - Western Washington Plateau.

    It's great that the recent extended gloomy weather period appears to finally be over. The past two weeks of rooting into the new containers should really help to get those guys growing quickly with the better weather.
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    outdoors The running, biking, hiking, camping forum

    Yeah, not the way you'd expect something like that to happen. Sucks not only to have an injury to deal with but it interferes with so many things.
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    outdoors The running, biking, hiking, camping forum

    Jeez, man. what did you do to it?
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    2024 Glog :(

    Great to hear that your plants are kicking it into gear DF!
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    nutrients Considering Incorporating Vermicompost for Peppers, Other Vegetables, Figs, etc.

    I vermicompost and I generally think of using it in two different ways. While it's wet/active, I mix it into soil with the idea of boosting the microbiology of the soil by introducing lots of beneficial microbes. With dry worm castings, I use it with the idea of introducing broad spectrum...
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    issue Reaper and Scorpion plants wilting

    Different varieties and different individual plants within varieties will react differently to conditions. If you transplanted them and simultaneously moved them outside rather than hardening them off first and then transplanting them (or vice versa), that would cause greater stress even if you...
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    SineNomine 2024

    Wow! Things seem to be off to a great start.
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    issue Root damage, Wet soil and Lighting. Recent transplant.

    Hey man. Nothing I see/hear worries me much. I suspect they'll grow out of the curl with a little time. The weather's going to be coming around soon anyway and once you get them outside into the natural sun and elements it cures most of those minor issues. There's a lot of volume in those...
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    Peter Peps! Grow Log

  18. CaneDog

    300gal Water Trough - Soil? Zone 8

    That watering trough sounds awesome! I go to a place called the Dirt Exchange in Ballard, WA. They sell self-service u-load soils, compost, etc., with a 1/2 CY minimum order. I'd use their Vegetable Garden Mix at $58.50 per CY, with 300 gallons being a bit under 1.5 CY, so maybe $75-$80 for...
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    container Grow Bag Mishap?

    Nice to see those guys potted up! They should be perfectly fine. Putting a dish or tray or something underneath fabric pots to provide support when moving them is helpful until they are well rooted in - like a couple months rooted in. They shouldn't be hurt by this move, but as the roots...
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    health Leaf Spot and Decay on Ahi Dulce

    That's a bummer. Leaf spots are difficult to ID visually. If its bacterial, my understanding is it becomes systemic and can't really be cured, though you can reduce or perhaps eliminate the appearance through good husbandry and other practices. It can survive on the seeds and appear later, so...