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  1. Max Nihil

    organic Organic discussion

    I did X and I'm fine so X is fine etc logic is fallacious Survival of the fittest eh? Using it as a justification argument for harming others and the environment is sociopathic and I am personally disgusted by that attitude and despise the consequences it has wrought upon those whose only...
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    Im an ultra hot pepper enthusiast!

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    preservation Ozone treatment for seeds

    Gasoline, radio waves and UV light can all cause cancer through radical formation and benzene toxicity, however with healthy diet and active lifestyle the risk is less severe. Ozone is less of a threat than they are. (in most cases) Vitamin C and vitamin E protect against free-radical oxidants...
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    Word Association Thread

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    preservation Ozone treatment for seeds

    A link to a paper on the topic: Evidently it does work. Another link to a PDF about the method: 178.pdf Essentially...
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    Word Association Thread

  7. Max Nihil

    pod Incorrect seeds

    An early mild pod from the correct form seems quite probable to me. If it is an accidental open pollinated hybrid it would have to be with another yellow-fruited plant and that is unlikely. Genetic events relating to gamete formation (pollen in the anthers and eggs in the ovary) and...
  8. Max Nihil

    CaneDog 2021

    Not to diminish the efforts, skills and knowledge of others... CaneDog's posts and Grows are my favorites on the forum.
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    capsaicin Capsaicinoid hazards and observations

    Mustard gas is particularly nasty. It's no secret than numerous inventors and facilitators for weapons both mechanical and chemical; lived with regret or even ended their own lives because of it. It is important to human psychology that we are able to respect ourselves. It is extremely hard to...
  10. Max Nihil

    organic Organic discussion

    That label doesn't mean organic in any way shape or form. It's a joke like the FDA, which literally releases drugs it knows will harm the public because it can make more money by allowing a drug and then fining the company for public harm than it can by merely preventing the drugs release...
  11. Max Nihil

    fermenting Can you ferment thawed peppers?

    I did not know the answer to this but I expect that it can be found on the board somewhere. However I looked it up elsewhere and the answer is yes and yes. Thawed peppers will need to drain, fluid will drip from them. Let them sit out at room temp, heating to thaw will affect flavor in a way...
  12. Max Nihil

    organic Organic discussion

    While I am not opposed to GMO organisms in principal I do harbor a vehement antipathy for dishonesty and find such practices as mislabeling things to be abhorrent. I also note that GMO technology is still young and it is reasonable to expect both wonderful and terrible consequences to come from...
  13. Max Nihil

    breeding How to Break the Record for the World’s Hottest Pepper

    Great links, however the NMSU CPI page had this claim about HPLC: That claim however is highly problematic because individual humans do not perceive capsaicinoids the same and sometimes fruits that measure as less hot via HPLC testing are perceived as hotter by actual people eating the fruit...
  14. Max Nihil

    scovilles Fresh Fresno vs Habanero

    Most people would place the word MAD before it. Any person engaging in the scientific method is a scientist, and the scientific method is nothing more than testing assumptions before declaring them as probable. Thus the word scientist holds as much weight as the concept of science as a...
  15. Max Nihil

    chinense Sri Lanka White Bhut Jolokia. Heard of them?

    Lanka would be a great place to grow ghost peppers of any color. I'd expect them to have some nice ones.
  16. Max Nihil

    breeding Phenotypic segregants

    I don't know how well terms are defined and known here and so wanted to introduce an extremely useful term: Phenotypic segregants These are the plants that arise from seeds of a single fruit or plant through each different group of genes (alleles) manifesting in visibly distinct ways. If, for...
  17. Max Nihil

    issue Ghost Pepper hot and not-hot side by side in a pot

    Commercial ghost seed has been throwing some unusual plants for the past few years at least as a small number of plants in the population. I started a line I call Casper (get it?) from just such a plant. I actually took the fruit to the nursery to discuss this with the owner and I learned more...
  18. Max Nihil

    scovilles Fresh Fresno vs Habanero

    I've been noticing that imported Yucatan Habaneros in my local stores vary genetically. I have found several that were SHM+ het (super hot membrane+ heterozygous) indicating that someone is working with them. The membranes are partials, just like with Rouge Noir for example, a half ghost...
  19. Max Nihil

    breeding Maldivian Heart

    It looks lovely. Since I won't support or condone Puckerbutt or it's affiliates (like Burning-Pants-Ed in any way due to them having engaged in conduct I find unworthy of respect or support: is there a way to obtain these genetics without going through a company and a person known to be...
  20. Max Nihil

    capsaicin Capsaicinoid hazards and observations

    Capsaicinoids Cause Inflammation and Epithelial Cell Death through Activation of Vanilloid Receptors Christopher A. Reilly, Jack L. Taylor, Diane L. Lanza, Brian A. Carr, Dennis J. Crouch, Garold S. Yost Toxicological Sciences, Volume 73, Issue 1, May 2003, Pages 170–181...