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  1. cycadjungle

    chinense Red Brain Strains

    Not at the moment. I've got seeds or plants from Duffy, and Jeff Contonio most recently growing now. Jeff's plants have a good taste and heat but all over the place on pod form. Duffy are closer to pod form but the taste can get bitter. Neither have the thick form I love. I did take a picture of...
  2. cycadjungle

    chinense Red Brain Strains

    Many years ago I was lucky to have purchased my red Brain Strain seeds directly from Cappy. I grew them for about 6 years and didn't save any seeds. Big mistake! I've bought genetics from 6 different people and none are like Cappys plants. The form was perfect, and the pods were great tasting...
  3. cycadjungle

    any pepper varieties native to iran?

    Do people in Iran grow Aleppo peppers?
  4. cycadjungle

    I Like It Hot Festival

    Is anyone going to the I Like It Hot Festival in Largo Florida this weekend? September 14th and 15th.
  5. cycadjungle

    wanted Looking for some red Borg 9 pods

    Thanks. I ended up getting seeds and I have plants going already.
  6. cycadjungle

    wanted Looking for some red Borg 9 pods

    This pepper seems to be a little out of fashion now, but I have someone asking me for these. Does anyone grow these that can make some available? I'm happy to buy a box or two or even a half box worth is better than nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  7. cycadjungle

    wanted WTB super hots

    I have 10 boxes worth of fresh pods ready to go. I may have only a couple of reapers. The hottest I have are ghosts, death spiral, jrgs, and some chocolate brain strains. Most boxes will need to be mixed, but labeled, unless you wanted a whole box of just ghosts. Most people here think I charge...
  8. cycadjungle

    new to the pepper scene and I want to get right to it.

    You want some drama? Alright everyone, I love hornworms! Convince me I am wrong!
  9. cycadjungle

    Paperwork Phytosanitary

    Getting a phyto is easy if you have a registeted nursery. The regular inspector comes out, has you treat the seeds, and he writes up the phyto. Mine charges a set fee plus mileage. The last phyto I got for shipping plants to Hawaii cost me $66. You would want to buy a lot of seeds to make that...
  10. cycadjungle

    event Pinellas Park Pepper Fest this weekend

    Thanks man. It will be a great time. I've been a vendor at this one for 4 years now, and you get to know most of the other vendors that come out every year. I love talking to all the pepper people that come to the booth. I burn a few faces off with either tasting pepper material, or with them...
  11. cycadjungle

    event Pinellas Park Pepper Fest this weekend

    For anybody close to the Tampa- St. Petersburg Florida area, the Pepper Fest is this weekend. There will be about 25 vendors with sauces and other pepper related products. Everyone has something to sample and there is even a pepper eating contest. Here is a link to their website with all the...
  12. cycadjungle

    wanted looking for super hot plants now

    I'm sorry, I didn't see a reply until just now. Did you get your pepper plants? If still looking for some, I have 3 gallon plants with round tomato cages on them for $30. Most are about 20+ inches tall. Most plants have pods on them now. Pictures of these plants can be seen on my Seriously Hot...
  13. cycadjungle

    for-sale Red Ghost Original Strain Plants for sale

    I got a bunch of his plants last year, and they were great. I have fresh pods sitting on 3 of them right now. The fudge was pretty dam good too!
  14. cycadjungle

    wanted looking for super hot plants now

    I have full sized super plants for sale, but they are not good for shipping. You're not all that far away. Do byou ever get down to central Florida for any reason? The reaper plants are just starting to flower for spring. Tom
  15. cycadjungle

    Must have peppers of 2019

    I thought about that, but the orange did not come from Jay. If Jay made it, I would call it JOGS.
  16. cycadjungle

    Must have peppers of 2019

    Chocolate Primo Orange pheno JPGS Mustard Bomb Death Spiral
  17. cycadjungle

    Brown/Chocolate reccomendations?

    Now there is something I hadn't heard about. The chocolate Savina compared to regular chocolate habaneros. Could you give me better details on taste and how much hotter they are? Thanks.
  18. cycadjungle

    Brown/Chocolate reccomendations?

    I've grown, or tried just about all the chocolate supers around. Some are hotter than others. Some taste pretty good, but more taste sort of crappy, or plain tasting. The hottest that is best tasting to me is the chocolate Primo. I wasn't impressed with the chocolate reapers or CPRs. Next for...
  19. cycadjungle

    Pepper X

    Here is another scary thought. As soon as Ed releases pepper x seeds, (the "reliable" source) how many people are going to buy it? When they released the reaper, they sold 120,000 seeds at $1 a piece, in the first 3 months. How many pepper x seeds do you think they would sell? Then, how long...
  20. cycadjungle

    What's the oldest plant in your garden?

    No, it is a cycad named Dioon edule. (My main focus has been cycads for the last 32 years) I have a sexed pair that was given to me by a botanical garden. They were brought to Miami in 1933. If you search utube for Dioon edule, and/or Tom Broome, you will find two videos of the sexed pair but...