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  1. Lyubs

    misc Earliest hot peppers?

    Was having the same question + being productive is what I also value. Hot Kambichki, Hot Portugal, Hungarian Wax, Sarit Gat, Thai Dragon are earliest to produce, along with Cayenne, all being productive / very productive, too. Very hots: Habanero Maya Red, From the Superhots I read Wraith, but...
  2. Lyubs

    Red flags of "newbie" seed scammers on THP

    I'm a newbie (yet) here, but not to the plant & pepper world. Having dealt with plants much of my conscious life: professionally, PhD in Plant Sciences and beyond, and lately - in my Hobby Farm, I admit to having developed a Plant Obsessive & Compulsive Disorder. Just cannot resist wanting to...
  3. Lyubs

    Hi from Southern East Europe

    Thanks a lot for all those positive vibes! As I've knocked about a bit, am now so excited to see here people around that connect me with found memories from places. How wonderful will it be to grow a pepper / plant from each of your locations, as well as send you some from the current mine !
  4. Lyubs

    Hi from Southern East Europe

    I have the love for hot papers from my gradma if not further down the ancestry line. I grew to like them even more when mingling with colleagues in Asia, to their astonishment, I could handle the heat of a Korean hot souse without a hitch and better (in their estimate) than another colleague...