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  1. Jusplayn

    SFRB - Non Superhots $14.00

    I have enough peppers I can probably make a couple of mixed SFRBs. Trepedeiro do Werner Brazilian Starfish Venezuelan Tiger Farmers Market Jalapeno Also have a few Paper Lantern Habs, and could probably find an Aleppo or 2. Lower 48 only. Can ship today, if paid today. No pesticides were ever...
  2. Jusplayn

    Non Super-Hot SFRB

    I have enough peppers I can build 1 SFRB of the following peppers if anyone is interested. Paper Lantern Hab Goatsweed Tepin x Lemon Drop F3 Continental US only.  $14.00 I take Paypal. I don't have a picture at this time,  the peppers are still on the vine and will be picked if purchased. Thanks
  3. Jusplayn

    shade Shade Cloth for Mature Plants

    I notice in central Arkansas that my peppers have trouble in July-August when it is really screaming hot.  Not sure that it might be the high humidity causing the issues though.  Last summer my wife and I drive out to visit our son in San Diego(marine corps) and we of course drove through...
  4. Jusplayn

    wanted Looking for Habanero Paper Lantern seeds

    Thanks guys for the generosity, it is much appreciated.
  5. Jusplayn

    wanted Looking for Habanero Paper Lantern seeds

    Anyone has some to trade, shoot me a message and I'll see if I have something you're interested in. Thanks
  6. Jusplayn

    Filfil -I- Surkh (Afghanistan variety) SASBE OFFER

    Count me in and thank you for the offer.
  7. Jusplayn

    Mixed SFRB - Final of the season

    With forcasted temps down to 34 this weekend, the pepper plants will most likely be done for the season. I can make an SFRB of mixed pods, mostly non superhots. Price will be $13 shipped for an SFRB, lower 48 only. I don't have enough of any 1 kind to make a box but can mix them up for...
  8. Jusplayn

    SFRB 2 Available

    I actually do have some left, probably close to an SFRB,  let me know if you want them. Same $13.00 shipped to lower 48. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks for looking.
  9. Jusplayn

    does anyone have pics of plants from seeds you got from me??

    Thanks Joe,  yes it is the light they are bright shiny red like a ripe tomato.
  10. Jusplayn

    does anyone have pics of plants from seeds you got from me??

    Hey Joe, I got this from you, it is labeled as Isabel Island Habanero. Does that look right?
  11. Jusplayn

    Bahamian Goat Peppers

    Thanks as always Judy.
  12. Jusplayn

    Bahamian Goat Peppers

    Is it normal for Bahamian Goat peppers to have tails/stingers? This is the first year I have grown them. Thanks
  13. Jusplayn

    Pimenta Trepadeira do Werner

    I would really like some seed for some of these. Do any of the online vendors sell this pepper? I have not heard of it before. Next grow season, I'm taking a step away from face melters and grow some stuff I can actually eat.
  14. Jusplayn

    SFRB 2 Available

    Glad you enjoyed it. Those Isabel Island habs are sweet and the plants are very prolific. 
  15. Jusplayn

    SFRB 2 Available

    PM Sent
  16. Jusplayn

    SFRB 2 Available

    I have an SFRB of Brazilian Starfish up for sale.  $13 shipped lower 48 Paypal. Can ship tomorrow as soon as payment recieived. I also have an SFRB of Isabel Island Red Habanero for sale. $13 shipped lower 48 Paypal.  The can also be shipped tomorrow if payment received. I could also combine...
  17. Jusplayn

    2016 - JoeFish Arkansas Grown

    Bump. Nights are getting cool, was 48 degrees 2 mornings this week already.
  18. Jusplayn

    New SFRB available

    filmost, I have almost enough Brazilian Starfish for a full SFRB it still interested.  I will have to top off with a few other peppers to stuff the box, but it can be mostly Starfish. Let me know if interested. $13 shipped Continental US only Thanks