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  1. 2gods

    Meatfreak 2013

    Looking at all your's Jalapeno, you do have damn many variety. Recommend me a Jalapeno for my lady, must not be to hot and if it is prolific it would be just perfect :)
  2. 2gods

    Meatfreak 2013

    Sweet daughter is helping Daddy  :)
  3. 2gods

    Meatfreak 2013

    Great peppers you got there, i see you are going total Jalapeno he he ;) almost. Good to see things are growing well my friend.
  4. 2gods

    trade ill Trade Some PepperSalt For Seeds

    I can help you with. :shh: Peach Bhut Jolokia Devils Tongue White Devils Tongue Yellow Goat Black Naga Habanero Mustard Habanero Cappucinno
  5. 2gods

    trade Trade

    PM sendt
  6. 2gods

    wanted Wanted: Jays Ghost Scorpion

    Dinner served ASC&p=2
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    COOL POTS Hendrix I was wondering how the Red Aribibi turned out, i got feadback from a friend that it was changeing color.
  8. 2gods

    trade Seed Trade..or SASBE

    I've got: Bahamas Goat pepper Scotch Binnet x 7 pot Jonah Bhut Jolokia Peach Bhut Jolokia Purple 7 pot Red x Naga 7 pot Burgundy Black Naga 7 Pot Chaguanas (Yellow hybrid) TS Chocolate Naga Morich Bombay -------------- Faria Scotch Bonnet Yellow Scorp CARDI Yellow Scorp SR Savannah 7 Pot *Jes
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    for-sale Seeds for sale... UPDATED LIST AND PRICE

    Thank you for sending me seeds Torno :onfire: I am realy happy *Jes
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    for-sale SFRB Flat Price Sale ***CLOSED***

    Would it be possible to get seeds of these varieties. I would like to bid on a box of peppers, but it's probably not a good idea to send them to Denmark. If it is possible to get seeds of these great varieties, so I'm willing to pay a fair price for them + shipping. It would really make a...
  11. 2gods

    free 5 members get CGN 21500 FREE

    I'm glad you liked them Hendrix1326, yes they are impressive pretty :)
  12. 2gods


    If you will skip to Denmark, ill pay shipping cost... PLS.
  13. 2gods

    for-sale Ajijoes super seed sale has ended permanantly

    Great to see you are back :onfire:
  14. 2gods

    Thank you bro, fully loaded with Zimbabwe bird peppers...

    Thank you bro, fully loaded with Zimbabwe bird peppers...
  15. 2gods

    ++SALE++ Fresh Scotch Bonnet Hybrids.

    They look delicious yummi yummi
  16. 2gods

    chinense Rocotillo Habanero

    I found the Baccatum here
  17. 2gods

    chinense Rocotillo Habanero

    Interestingly, if they are not really hot, and with Chinense flavor. It is almost harder to find a mild Chinense than a hot. How big will these plants be.
  18. 2gods

    chinense Rocotillo Habanero

    Harry, you're right SocialChiliehead, thanks for the picture. Wow they have a really great shape, i assume it is C. Chinense version. They do not look really big, the fruits, it is a small plant, or just small fruits. Smokemaster Thanks for the link, they will surely get on the my wanted list.
  19. 2gods

    chinense Rocotillo Habanero

    The Baccatum version is on wikipedia But I thought most of C. Chinense version, and you're right, not much useful data on the Web