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    event Heat Wave Hot Sauce Expo

    Sorry I just saw all the comments here, I haven't logged in very much recently. My Blazin' Reaper, and Cranberry Scorpion did well, they are my normal best sellers. The show was great, very packed and we had about 40 vendors if I remember right. I think it did great things for hot sauce in...
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    event Heat Wave Hot Sauce Expo

    From the people who bring awesome events to town like London Comic Con, Shock Stock and Rock’ n’ Con comes the Heatwave Hot Sauce Expo! Heatwave makes it debut Saturday, March 2 at Centennial Hall, London Ontario! Enjoy sampling hot sauces and spicy foods from over 40 international acclaimed and...
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    Slim's Blazin' Reaper Hot Sauce

    From now until April 14 you can order Slim’s Blazin’ Reaper online 3 bottles for $22 that’s $7 each plus shipping. Please email for details & shipping quotes
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    for-sale THP member hot sauces....who has them for sale? We offer a standard 5 sauces regularly! Slim's Smokin' Habanero, Slim's Blazin' Reaper, Slim's Screamin' Ghost, Forkn' Hot, and Slim's Cranberry Scorpion, Check out our website or email Also check out our social media pages, we're on Facebook...
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    Slim's Cranberry Scorpion Sauce

    Happy #nationalhotsauceday today we are excited to announce the long overdue release of Slim’s Cranberry Scorpion! It’s not loaded on the website yet but you can add it on the 3/$25 mix n’ match just add it to the comments/instructions box! Or email us at & we can PayPal...
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    Slim's Pepper Co.

    Slim's now has some pretty cool Gift boxes check them out on the instagram account! @slimspepperco, and our sauces are available at Puckerbutt's website and in store again.  Get some Slim's Reaper, Ghost, Smokin' Habanero  
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    Slim's Pepper Co.

    Looking for stocking stuffers? Slim's Pepper Co is where you want to check! 3 hot sauces available, and 1 reaper chocolate $15 flat shipped in Canada or US. Fresh pepper boxes available in Canada as well starting at $20 shipped. We also offer seeds.  
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    free Free seeds - Yellow Moruga

    I can trade you something! I love yellow morugas
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    Orange Habanero Carrot Cake

    sounds good
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    Slim's Pepper Co.Website

    We are back online hot sauce and spicy dark chocolate are loaded into the products page, seeds, and other products are soon to be loaded. Canadian and US shipping are available. Visit our social media pages, at Facebook, Instagram and twitter for more info as well.
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    wanted Looking for a few seeds

    I got Cardi West Indies Red
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    Slim's Pepper Co.
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    vendor Pepper North, a.k.a.

      I stand by Pepper North 100% had great experience with the seeds, service Etc. Great company! If you are Canadian or American and looking for a nice variety at a good price check them out! You will not  be disapointed.
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      If you are in the US, try Ed Currie Puckerbutt Pepper Company, or Blowtorch Farms both of them are harvesting lots
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    Slim's Pepper Co.

      Thank you!
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    Slim's Pepper Co.

      I have Dark Reaper Chocolate bars, if I knew how to post pics I'd put a pic of all my products. Gotcha even if you aren't a member of FB, the others you can still view the page. I had the site up before, but basically had a bad site I used and got burned... the new one will rock
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    Slim's Pepper Co.

    Heard of us? Been around a little while. Feel free to check out Slim's on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter for more info. If you live in Canada & (coming soon to the US) and like hot sauce give our stuff a try you might be surprised. Our website is currently being re built so it is down but we...
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    Slim's Hot Sauces

    Looking to order sauces from Slim's? Our site will be back up in the near future but if you can't wait email us an order! 3/25$ mix in match gets you any combo of sauce or chocolate, shipping is $15 Canadian anywhere in Canada.What are you waiting for we take PayPal & e transfers! For orders or...
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    for-sale Fresh Hot Peppers for sale (Canada Only)

    Mixed Fresh hot & super hot peppers for sale! 10+ $25, 20+ $30, 30+ $40 shipped! Ontario pricing only this is also in Canadian Dollars. Shipping is available across Canada however outside the province additional shipping fee of $5 applies. Prices per pound are available on some varieties and are...
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    fertilizer Fertilizer question

    I used fish emulsion fertilizer sometimes when they are little like that, it doesn't burn them but it stinks a little I have bought it at home hardware, but they sell it many places