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    container Seedling not growing at all

    They do awesome in cups and very easy to maintain proper air flow and moisture.
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    pod How to tell what variety of Red Habanero - Savina from Caribbean, and others.

    Heat for one and very few grow Red Savina, those are normal Carib Red.
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    container Seedling not growing at all

    Start small, pot up as you go....solo cups work great for first couple months - cut holes in bottom
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    Leftovers Thread!!

    Made a bunch of chimichurri beef loin flap and used the leftover for a cheesteak....
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    S.I.P./Quarantine Cooking

    When the snow is so thick you can grill and it does not melt off the grill...
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    Hello, my name is Rhonda and I live in Alaska, I make finishing salts and am interest in making a spicy Seasalt. I need something in powder form.

    Welcome, Thai powder would work awesome and makes amazing salts, have done 4 to 5 different smoked wood types for gifts...
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    Joyner's 2022 Food Journey

    I'll drop by from time to time and share my gluttony with your peeps. Healthy shrimp and arugula salad before a pan of homemade heaven... And dessert
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    Wild Game or Fish

    Brining this oldie back for newer peeps! Harvested a young tender doe and decided to make my own ham...
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    recipe Pho

    My chicken recipe is full proof if you follow it. I have a book dedicated to Pho :) Broth seems pretty dark....would need the step by step
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    recipe Pho

    Pho get about it...
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    pod What kind of pepper is this?

    What is it supposed to be, looks like a Bishop Hat?
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    S.I.P./Quarantine Cooking

    You should just make it, a very long process done right but the reward is worth it. Takes me an entire day to do my chicken one.
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    S.I.P./Quarantine Cooking

    Simple lunch while working remote....Kalbi ribs cooked over fire
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    It's alive!

    It's alive!
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    Possible Scam?

    I have hundreds of blocked numbers on my mobile
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    Solanum bicorne

    Crazy looking for sure...
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    Happy B-Day JoynersHotPeppers!!!!

    Thanks peeps, happy growing!
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    baccatum Lemondrop Baccatum flower colors.. w/Purple??

    It is possible but I have rarely ever found that to be the case.    #40a by Chris Joyner, on Flickr
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    pod Supposed to be Carolina Reaper

    IMG_9223 by Chris Joyner, on Flickr
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    pod Supposed to be Carolina Reaper

    The first small pods are rotten dwarfs hence the black mold. Even your store bought I highly doubt are Reapers. I also doubt they are Red Savina as very few people grow them at all now,