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  1. patrick

    Pepper People are the Best

    What better evidence is there that pepper people are the best than a nine year long thread of us helping each other? You people absolutely rock.
  2. patrick

    sale It's come full circle.

    I'm down to just one, a Poecilotheria metallica. This isn't her but she looks just like this.
  3. patrick

    sale It's come full circle.

    I am still around, just not as much involved with the hot pepper thing as I used to be. Makes me happy to know the SB7J is still around. Makes me even happier to know someone took the time to stabilize it and make a sauce. You are the man!
  4. patrick

    SB7J Pod Test

    Great review Peter and thanks for the tip of the hat. That's a great example of the SB7J.
  5. patrick

    The Original SB7J

    Hey guys! It has been a while. I guess you could call it a lull in the pepper growing frenzy I've been in the past eight or nine years. Totally possessed by riding the bike. I thought the new would wear off, it's been almost three years now but it just keeps getting better. If I am successful...
  6. patrick

    Fruit fly/Fungus gnats.

    I'm fairly certain using H2O2 will kill the micorrhizae, but I won't bet money on it. Every other forum I've read that the question has presented itself it's always been considered a no no. The thing is the most common H2O2 that is used in households, the 3% solution, decomposes pretty quickly...
  7. patrick

    The Original SB7J

    I'm getting ready to start my 2015 grow and have F5 and F6 SB7J seeds, thanks to the gents who helped me out. I plan on isolating a plant or two of each and will happily provide seeds to any and all interested come next fall If I'm successful. Sorry for the long wait.
  8. patrick

    chinense My ghosts aren't hot

    May I suggest Carolina Reaper seeds from Puckerbutt or Trinidad Scorpion Morouga seeds from The Chili Pepper Institute. Both have reached scoville ratings twice that of the Bhut Jolokia. You can probably find someone selling a few fresh pods in the classifieds section of this web site. 
  9. patrick

    contest Growdown Throwdown 2014 Tallest plant

    Should of got into this two years ago, I had two break 8 feet. Interesting thread.
  10. patrick

    Meatfreak 2014 Glog

    Dang Stefan, those Scotch Brains look like something the Italians would grow. Great job!
  11. patrick

    Well. That sucks.

    You need to call the cops and get it documented. Whether they can do anything or not isn't the point. You're establishing a record. Somebody does something like this once it's a nuisance, somebody makes a habit of it then it's more than a nuisance. 
  12. patrick

    Fruit fly/Fungus gnats.

    I had a FG problem a couple of years ago. Mosquito dunks fixed it. I was able to take photos, using a microscope, of FG larvae inside a pepper seed eating the pepper embryo before it had a chance to emerge from the seed shell. Nasty buggers. I'll see if I can find them.   Found them. You can see...
  13. patrick

    The Original SB7J

    Awesome jblo. 
  14. patrick

    The Original SB7J

    Pex I miss you and this place too, thanks. Good looking pods you've grown. Thanks for sharing the seeds too.   Gotrox good luck, hope they come up for you.   I think I have some seeds left from the original plant, not sure if I can find them though. If I do I'll let this thread know. 
  15. patrick

    chinense Reaper Review - Challenge

    Proof positive that our Irish brethren have indeed lost their minds. Good one.
  16. patrick

    The Original SB7J

    Cruising through some pics on my photobucket account I came across these. This is the original plant that grew out the first Scotch Bonnet 7 Pot Jonah cross. Thought some might like to see it.        
  17. patrick

    Anyone still growing the SB7J?

    Howdy Gang!   Long time no stop by, my apologies. Terravexti that is a great looking pepper congrats. I'm stoked to see people still growing this pepper.    As for different shapes it was never stabilized when I sent out the first seeds so who knows. The original ones reminded me of the grass...
  18. patrick

    Devv's 2014- Stick a fork in me, I'm done....

    Man oh man I love your garden and homestead Scott. You're a lucky man.
  19. patrick

    Windchicken 2014

    Pretty sure there aren't any 7 Pot seeds in that package. Just refers to the total number of fiber pots I'm betting.
  20. patrick

    Vincent's restarted 2014 glog***April 1st Pic Update***

    Best of luck on the second go-round Vincent. I am jealous of you southern growers.