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  1. sp33d

    cloning Low Cost Turnkey Cloner

    You can build one for near half that price if you have a bucket or planter laying around...check out the one I built...
  2. sp33d

    food A question on pickling whole peppers

    I primarily pickle my peppers and when I do whole peppers which I just did recently with my Carmen sweet peppers which are pretty big , I always make a cut in whole peppers for reasons stated above ....could you get away with not doing it, sure but why chance it..:)
  3. sp33d

    Some of this year's bounty

    Very nice man...:)
  4. sp33d

    Venti-pot vs Air-pot

    Awesome man....I use my homemade air prune pots and recently took out two plants to make bonchi with them and my root balls were pretty much the same as your air pot .....air prune pots are the shizzy...;)
  5. sp33d

    My first bonchi Start from the beginning of my log and it will show you how I made them..:)
  6. sp33d

    sfrb brazilian ghost, red dog and bg7 (sold)

    Damn that was fast lol....what's up with that "heart"?
  7. sp33d

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cover rock man but I like your reviews better...not being rude or diminishing your abilities, just saying...;)
  8. sp33d

    free Free Bahamian Goat and MoA Scotch Bonnet seeds w/SASBE

    Hey Jamison I'm gonna have to pull out of this..I'm not going to be able to get to the PO until end of the week at the let someone take my spot...if they are still available at end of week I will most certainly get back in... Thanks again dude you rock...;)
  9. sp33d

    vendor smileyguy697

    Kickass ferments you have going there man..;)
  10. sp33d

    wanted Wanted - Facing Heaven Pepper seeds

    You will learn miguelovic is about as smarmy as they come...take it with a grain of took me a tangle or two with him but he means no evil...only questionable thing about him is he's Canadian ...damn Canucks ...(I'm married to one before someone gets their panties in a bunch)...;) Good...
  11. sp33d

    Holy Spam Batman...

    No kidding...they were here last night as well spamming the hell out of us...all spammers need to be hung with a noose...:)
  12. sp33d

    The Small Hot Cherry Pepper from Turkey - Kucuc Aci Kiraz

    Great review Nigel....I would say birdie on a par 5...;)
  13. sp33d

    Please kill this spammer ..whoever it is has been spamming like crazy the past 2 nights with the...

    Please kill this spammer ..whoever it is has been spamming like crazy the past 2 nights with the same spam subject...go and kill yourself spammer!!
  14. sp33d

    vendor smileyguy697

    He labeled each and every one of those peppers? Dayum.... Pepper people are the bomb diggity...:) and smileguy sounds like one of them..;)
  15. sp33d

    a novice,

    Welcome to THP...that's awesome to hear that capsicum has given you pain relief...I have been doing some research into capsicum as an analgesic could be a miracle drug..:)
  16. sp33d

    Is the AJ Green injury serious?

    Is the AJ Green injury serious?
  17. sp33d

    My first bonchi

      Thanks for the help bud..:)     Not using grow bags...I use homemade air prune pots that I made for all my peppers except the hab which I used a 22sh gallon drum half, which was made out of a 55 gallon drum that I cut in half and used the 2 halves as 22sh gallon pots... One had the green hab...
  18. sp33d

    Happy Birthday! MeatHead1313

    Happy bday
  19. sp33d

    Yeah I don't think anyone comes close except maybe the Saints back when the fans wore paper bags...

    Yeah I don't think anyone comes close except maybe the Saints back when the fans wore paper bags over their heads lol.. We actually started doing that the year we went 0-16
  20. sp33d

    My first bonchi

    It's an illusion I think because they are burned up to there they were buried before and I had no issues..yeah that green hab stem is a monster man and the plant is only 5 months old...;) I will take your advice and shallow them out a bit so some of the roots are exposed becaus your right it...