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  1. Malarky

    off-topic Ivermectin

    FLCCC update... Looks like DrKory’s team got the NIH to update their guidance in regards to Ivermectin. It now has the same level of support as plasma treatments and the antibody treatments.
  2. Malarky

    off-topic Ivermectin   This is the FLCCC's website... looks like Dr Kory's group is gaining some traction and they will be presenting their data to the NIH and the NIH has signaled their intention to update their guidance reflecting the newer data that has come in.   can confirm...
  3. Malarky

    off-topic Ivermectin

    Happy NewYear everyone! Hope everyone is healthy. I just wanted to try to spread this video around in my small world. A good friend of mine that I trust, personally knows and trusts this Dr Kory. I have not researched this stuff myself yet but DrKorys testimony is compelling. Im right in the...
  4. Malarky

    container Sugar Rush Height? Container Size?

    stettoman grows in Northern MN (but i forget his latitude). i think he uses 5 gallon buckets with good results. maybe he'll chime in i'm near Madison (5a/4b?) and 5 gallons are great
  5. Malarky

    Essegi 2020: lol!

    Sorry for your loss Giancarlo. Please continue to post so we know you are well.   on a happier note, a good use for your pesto... My wife and I made gnocchi and tossed it in fresh pesto (fresh as can be using frozen basil/oil puree from last season.)
  6. Malarky

    CORONA-EXTRA Helping each other out

    I work in imaging at a rural hospital and shit is really starting to hit the fan. (Not especially for me personally...yet), but I highly recommend taking care of our elderly or otherwise compromised neighbors. Tell them to stay home and drop off groceries for them. Next i’d Call your local...
  7. Malarky

    Malarky 2020

    Thanks guys! It’s a fine line I walk between keeping my hobbies viable... and staying married. I just make sure to hit my favs for some of my favorite recipes and something stoopid hott to entertain friends.
  8. Malarky

    Malarky 2020

    Alright! 2020 GrowList! Seeds are soaking on this the last day of February. I learned my lesson about starting too early. Aji Amarillo via TGCM Aji Oro via TCGM 7pot Primo via TGCM P.Dreadie SS via Windchicken—>TGCM Cherry Bomb via MasFuego PeachGhostJami via TexasHotPeppers—>Walchit Choc Hab...
  9. Malarky

    StettoGro 4: Spredner Tin 2020

    Need Aji Oro still? I have lots of seed. All OP, but I did my best to diddle every flower I saw with my little finger.
  10. Malarky

    3 gallon pots preferable over 5 gallon pots in Zone 6b?

    i'm in 4b/5a and 5ga works fine for me.
  11. Malarky

    D3 2020

    Wish you all the best this year!
  12. Malarky

    vendor Bhuter

    bummer that didn't work out with Bhuter. I hope he's alright and that he clears things up.   I've had nothing but good trades and dialogue with him.
  13. Malarky

    food where is Thegreenchilimonster?

    Glad to have you back! I’m back too! Glad you’re recovered too.
  14. Malarky

    Malarky 2020

    Hey everyone Im back! Happy NewYear! I wont be doing any Jan 1 starts this year. Ill probably post a grow list in a couple weeks and my seeds wont hit the dirt until Mid or Late Feb. Until then, heres my 3rd annual NYE Aji de Gallina! ¡Prospero Año Nuevo! PS I hope the pics work
  15. Malarky

    Guru's Garden - Traveling the World in Search of Peppers

    Could you have mailed them back?
  16. Malarky

    Welcome back!

    Welcome back!
  17. Malarky

    !Hell yeah! best of luck with your grow

    !Hell yeah! best of luck with your grow
  18. Malarky

    What are some good tasting ornamental varieties?

    I've got 2 pots for the deck, about 24" diameter. Purple/black foliage would be cool. Multi-stage color change would be cool. a neat upright shape would be nice, rather than a rambling horizontal pubescens.   I forgot about Aji Omnicolor, THAT IS a good one! tasty. The Baccatum might be a bit...
  19. Malarky

    What are some good tasting ornamental varieties?

    Lol the wrong post got deleted. I was soliciting advice on what ornamental varieties are tasty, if any? I grew a Hawaiian frutescens this year but its taking forever to ripen and I didnt get all the color changes I thought I would. Are Black Pearl or Bolivian rainbow ok fresh or powdered?
  20. Malarky

    What are some good tasting ornamental varieties?

    Sorry double post