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    tutorial Starting a Food Business 101

    Very, very nice write-up. Good job to the originator of the thread Salsalady! As a business owner, (beer brewery), I feel I must encourage any projective business owner to write a comprehensive business plan. There's books, podcasts, etc out there on how to write one and why they're so...
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    Hello from Central Florida!

    Thanks for the warm greetings everyone!!! (Pun intended!) I have my first plants going and they're about 10- 12 inches high and looking bright green and happy. They recently got transferred into bigger pots and I was happy to see they didn't try to shock. I've been clipping off the flowers...
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    Hello from Central Florida!

    So glad I found this forum. I intend to soak up as much information that I can regarding making my own hotsauces. Big shout out to all the forum contributers who share their recipes and knowledge!