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    Black Pearl Pepper

    Mine had a whole range of colors when I grew them also. I thought it was just the plant. Mine grow like weeds and are interesting the second year beacuse I had a few green pearls in there with the seeds I saved. Light makes a big difference to the color of the plants.
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    Ate ripe Naga Morich/long story....

    I tried one of mine also. It was hot, and I have to admit I couldn't swallow it, but rolling on the floor moaning? Thats a tad much.
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    Black Pearl Pepper

    I grew them last year. They are a very beautiful plant and the seeds generally come back true. However they are not worth anything to eat, they are the only pepper I ever ate that felt like the skin was being pulled off my tounge and no benefit of taste to go along with it.
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    Big Jim 2007 competition

    Same here. I'm probably out, unless my new seeds get going here soon. Those that didn't get eaten by a snail attack, got laid on by my dog who broke through the fence into my garden. Oh well, I am trying again here.
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    Has anybody...

    I suck out all the muck from the bottom of my backyard pond onto my pepper garden. I would say it works.
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    Cut 'em back! Cut 'em back! Waaaaaayyyyy back!

    OK Willard how did you get that plant to regrow from that?
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    pubescens pubescent

    Just started growing rocotos this year. Fantastic pepper. I wish I could find more.
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    Cut 'em back! Cut 'em back! Waaaaaayyyyy back!

    When I overwinter, I cut back to about 12 inches. The plants I leave outside and cover, I don't until I see where the new growth is coming in the spring. My pequin I usually cut back to about 12-14 inches, and yet in the summer it grows, with minimal care, in a whiskey keg with four year old...
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    How would peppers do in a ScrOG?

    I don't see why it won't work. Peppers respond to training and the more light the better. I would be interested in seeing what happens.
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    Check my progress!

    I always let mine turn red. I have never had one turn brown, blackish, yes, but not brown.
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    Fun Chile Growing Competition

    Well, I'm only one generation removed from jolly old England, so maybe that will help me.
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    Lots of New Content Added

    I have 1 naga, and brought both my plants in. I hope if I treat them real nice I will keep them alive til next year. My mom, however, is really beating me. She has three plants and 8 peppers that are toatlly isolted so I will have true seeds next year to continue experimenting.
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    Fun Chile Growing Competition

    I think I will go out to my coworker's farm and clean out her chicken coop for her.
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    Mint as an Aphid and other insect detterent?

    I will just take them over to the sink and spray them off every so often. It works well enough. It is not a total fix, but if done regularly will keep them under control.
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    Pepper cuttings

    I have 2 huge pepper plants, a goat weed and a devil's tongue that are just too big to bring in. So I am thinking of taking cuttings of them to root inside for next year. What is the best way to do this?
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    Fun Chile Growing Competition

    Count me in. Some nice California sunshine should do wonders for them.
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    preservation pickling

    I jsut pulled all my Jalapeno plants. Just need to cut them into slices and can them tonight.
  18. D reliable?

    The fatalii is the only plant I have had for two years that has for some reason just turned brown and died each summer. No warning, no nothing just went limp and died two years in a row.
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    One of my nagas that I kept is in a pot, one is in the ground.
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    Since many of you do much more of this than I do, what is the best way to overwinter a pepper plant? I have overwintered a few, mostly my pequin and my tepin, but they always get very ill looking before they get put outside again in the spring. This year I have my Nagas, and I was wondering...