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    hot-sauce Fermented Capsicum chinense sauces ?

    I’m new here - forgive me if I can’t tell when a reply to a post isn’t actually meant to be a response to a post. It’s an interesting question and I thought it could be an interesting discussion.
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    hot-sauce Fermented Capsicum chinense sauces ?

    So your reply wasn’t intended as a response to the question then?
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    hot-sauce Fermented Capsicum chinense sauces ?

    Thirty years of commercial production does not a culinary tradition make.
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    hot-sauce Fermented Capsicum chinense sauces ?

    Interesting question. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any culinary traditions from the Caribbean that involve fermenting. Pickling in acid yes, but not fermenting.
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    favorite Looking For Suggestions

    Devils Tongue are a good habanero type. A little hotter and the flavor is different enough to keep things interesting. I’ll second on carboneros being fast. In 2021 they were my first to produce ripe pods. I didn’t find the flavor much to write home about - not bad but just not much of it - but...
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    chinense DESTROYAH

    Taste test?
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    recipe Naga Date Vinegar

    Just to see what would happen, I puréed some dates in a 5% salt solution and put it in a Braggs unpasteurized cider vinegar bottle with about an inch of the bottom dregs left in it along with honey and a shit ton of red Nagas and brown Umoroks and put an airlock on it. Hopefully I’ll have a...
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    hot-sauce Scotch Bonnet hot sauce (disappointing)

    It being Franks level hot is suspicious too. I’m not a fan of face melters but how much actual scotch bonnet could be in it?
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    hot-sauce Scotch Bonnet hot sauce (disappointing)

    That company looks to be a really huge food producer. Such a mass operation might not be the best at expressing the nuance of a particular chile. You’re right - grow your own! Lacking that, Melinda’s scotch bonnet sauce is a good commonly available example
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    misc Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

    I grew caramel morugas in 21. Nice compact bushy plants and the fruit is really pretty but the taste was Dave’s Insanity Aftershave. They took forever to germinate and the seedlings were spindly and weak, but they took off growing by mid summer. Then the blooms took forever to set fruit but...
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    hybrid Are all superhots hybrids?

    It would make more sense to me that the Indian and Caribbean super hots developed independently rather than a Caribbean pepper making it’s way to India, being developed into a ghost type, and then making its way back to the Caribbean and being developed into a scorpion type without leaving ghost...
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    hot peppers!

    Thanks! It also made me sound like I was advocating bear spray flavored soap.
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    hot peppers!

    Oops! Damn autocorrect added that “no” in there and made me look like (more of) an asshole. I meant that I really like that people aren’t picking the 2M+ weird hybrids. Could someone with editing power fix that post?
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    hot peppers!

    I like how most no peoples picks are long established varieties that have likely been selected for flavor and productivity for generations rather that 2M+ scoville crosses of crosses of crosses that taste like bear spray soap. Funky hybrids are fun but…. That said a new favorite of mine is the...
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    hot peppers!

    Naga Morich. Waves of different flavors and waves of different heats.
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    chinense Bahamian Goat: more similar to scotch bonnet or habanero?

    I grew Freeport Orange and TFM last year and thought they tasted about the same with Freeport being stronger flavored. This year I just have Freeport going from last year’s seed and the seem more habanero like - of course that’s compared to nothing since supermarket HAB’s don’t count, and so...
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    seeds What is your seed separating / cleaning technique?

    I just cut the pepper in half and cut out the placenta along with the seeds with a pointy knife. Then I remove as much placenta as I can without worrying too much about getting it all. I fold that up in a paper towel and forget about it until I’m ready to plant. The seeds separate easily when...
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    overwintering 7 Pot Primo Second Year

    I get that but this thing is over four feet tall and in full foliage without a trace of a bloom and every other plant I have (30+ ranging from poblano to lava red) is fruiting or at least blooming. The growth is so weird too - five big long tender vines growing out from where I cut it back last...
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    overwintering 7 Pot Primo Second Year

    I have a 7 Pot Primo chocolate that I overwintered. Last year it grew tall and bushy and had a relatively small yield. I cut it way back in late fall and it’s come back strong but the growth is really viney compared to last year and it still shows no sign of blossoms. I have plants started this...
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    seeds Extremely old (80 years?) seed germination question

    What a neat project. I read somewhere about using bird poop as a nutrient for germinating chile seeds since most of them in the wild go through a birds gut first b