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    harvesting THP Pick For Harvest Day

    nice looking harvest. the datil is a plant im looking for. im in madeira beach , fl. you got any for sale?
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    contest VOTE! Extreme Burger Throwdown

    no, he didn't ask for my vote. I just saw that he was reading this topic and asked him why I couldn't vote. but thank you scoville for answering my question. how many posts do you need? im new to this site and thought the burger throwdown was awesome and wanted to vote.
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    Vampire Pepper

    I gotta have one, where might I find seeds?
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    contest VOTE! Extreme Burger Throwdown

    3/5 do you know why it wont let me vote?
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    contest VOTE! Extreme Burger Throwdown

    Im a little upset, this site wont let me vote. it says I need to be an active member. I have an account and membership, Im a little confused as to why I cant vote!!!!!!!
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    yellow leaves

    these were not yellow at first. they were very leafy and green.
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    yellow leaves

    its been raining  a lot here lately. but I have other smaller plants that are doing fine. the same thing happened back in march with 4 butch t plants I bought. im trying to figure the picture thing out.
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    yellow leaves

    hello, maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I have about 17 types of peppers iv grown from seed, but a few plats that were transplanted a month ago arnt looking so good. I haven't doe anything different than I did with my more successful plants, but my peter peppers and Mexican...
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    Hey from Hollywood, FL

    :welcome:  from Madeira Beach Florida!!!!!!!!!!!
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    preservation drying habeneros

    im getting ready to throw some habs in the dehydrator for the first time. does this create a burning odor? do I need to do it outside?
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    powder-flake habanero powder

    Any suggestions on best way to dry habs for making powder?  
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    What to do with today's harvest??????

    Than you Mr. Hill I'll google some instructions
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    What to do with today's harvest??????

    New pepper grower here.  What is the best way to store or use the following peppers I harvested today,   Anaheim Cayenne Pumpkin Habanero Hot Banana Sweet Banana Italian Pepperoncini
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    New member in Madeira Beach Florida

    Hello , my name is Mike. I live in Madeira Beach Florida, and started growing peppers last October. It has since become a hobby/infatuation !!!!!! I started with an Anaheim , pumpkin habanero, red chili , hot banana , and sweet banana. at first I was buying plants from the home depot and...