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    seeds heating mats for seedlings

    does anyone use them and do they help;)
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    water easy watering systems

    watering when i lived in drought areas we would use a 3ft lenght of sewer pipe (4/6 inches in diamater) buired 16 inches in the ground, then we filled with water
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    Eating Hot Peppers

    why scotch bonnets i have eaten them in the past but dont rember much about them, why do you like them
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    whippets tail

    what is the big deal about this pepper? is it the taste, heat.:rolleyes:
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    seeds starting seeds

    ok its almost time to start of seeds. what do i need to start with, heating mats,seed trays {what size} etc.
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    petin replacements

    my chili petine produced more than i needed, and it worked me to much for what i got. looking for a replacement, something a little larger/longer but same heat level and produces alot cliff
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    Hoop House Advice

    hoop house pam i looked at the hoop house plans some time ago and decided i would have to fabricate a wooden door or make one out of pvc
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    fresh peppers

    no hot peppers eremite if a mexican told you he does not know where to find fresh peppers, he must be new. try going to outside flea markets :mouthonfire:
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    overwintering over wintering pepper plants

    i have some peppers i leave out durning the winter. should i cut back the old plant or just leave it alone :)
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    flavor Pretty Purple taste

    pretty peppers hey nice looking peppers. but 2 questions, where did you get your seeds, and could you winter :idea:them over are grow them in side during the winter
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    non hot tepins

    i have 3 plants of tepins from texas that are not very hot. do you have any idea why.
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    Single 4-petal flower on Pequin (pic)

    what kind of pequin plant do you have,mine only has a few peppers. i have the ones that come from Wimberly
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    fertilizer when to fertilize

    i have some chile petin's in bloom, when should i fertilize and should i use miricle grow:onfire:
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    Hot Lemon?

    pams limons peppers pam your peppers look great i would like to try some where did you get your seeds. cliff
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    growing ancho chile

    how do i grow ancho chile and when do i know to harvest them.:lol:
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    The Towering Piquin

    great looking peppers, how can i get some from you to plant this spring:onfire:
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    winter time is near

    ross i live below you in you i will try to over witer some transplanted tepins, iwill also try planting some sucker plats from these plants:rolleyes: