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    Mixing own potting mix?

    I use Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting Mix. I mix a little sand in with it. Works great for me.
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    Potting mixes for newbies

    I start my peppers in Jiffy pellets and then transplant them into a mix of Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting Mix...and sand. My plants have been healthy and have never had a problem or lost a plant doing it this way.
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    seeds Germination temps??

    I have started this years peppers in jiffy pellets on top of a heating mat. The temp at the bottom of the jiffy pellets is 96 degrees. Is that to hot?
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    Need variety suggestions

    thanks for the suggestions...I will pass them on to the ag teacher. I thought it would be interesting for the school to start some bhuts or T. Scorps..would make a good news story for the local papers, but don't know if they would be able to sell many to make it worth the effort.
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    Need variety suggestions

    Our local high school ag teacher asked me what bell peppers and hot peppers would be good to start in the greenhouse at school for local sale. What are the best peppers for salsa? I know everyone on this site is looking for the hottest varieties,but need to know what ones would sell the best...
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    Volunteer peppers??

    I have a special spot where I grow my hot peppers.I have never had any volunteer peppers come up before. Tomatoes yes..peppers no. I am thinning them out and letting them live, curious to see what they are. I didn't think pepper seeds would survive the winter when temperatures can get a few...
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    Volunteer peppers??

    I have a lot of volunteer peppers from last year. I have NEVER had a volunteer pepper come up anytime before. They are tiny plants but have volunteers coming up where my Fatalii's, Habs, Jalapeno's, and maybe a couple others. I live in West Central IL and we do have cold winters. Not sure what...
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    Got to see Rez Band live yesterday.

    I have seen Rez Band in concert at least 20 times. My favorite band all time. I know Glen Kaiser the lead singer..he is a pepper head! He raided my hot pepper garden late last summer. He is a great Christian man who lives what he teaches. I'm growing some Bhut Jolokia, T. Scorp., and 7 Pod for...
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    Poor man's (and lazy man's) growing station

    My only concern about the set up is when you have it outside on a windy day. It is pretty tall and narrow.
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    Where in IL are you? I'm in Macomb here.

    Where in IL are you? I'm in Macomb here.
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    Orange Habs? - your thoughts please

    I grew orange thai last year and they were tiny, with pods only 2 to 3 inches long
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    seeds 7 Pot Porn...Seed From Hippy!

    wish mine would look like that. Mine are 6 weeks old and they still are only an inch high.
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    I'm growing them this year also. I also have planted Giant Marconi peppers. Did have one measured 11 inches long.
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    ┬┐Shop Light Question?

    Just go to Menards and check out their light selection. They have all kinds of lights that will work in shop lights. I use one 6500 or 5500k bulb and one cheap soft light bulb in each one.
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    seeds Zone 5b/6a/6b people, have you started germinating seeds yet?

    Started my Bhuts, 7 Pod, Fatalli, and Peter Pepper this past weekend in jiffy pellets. They are sitting on a heating pad and the temp in the covered tray is 92 degrees.
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    media Jiffy Pellets

    I agree...ALWAYS remove the netting around the pellets when potting up.
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    Is this a good source for 7 Pod?

    The website that I finally linked also sells another interesting pepper, it sorta looks like a seven pod. They call it El Sucre They claim that it is extremely hot. Anyone see this variety before?
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    Is this a good source for 7 Pod?

    Thanks Pepper Ridge, someone did offer to send me some seeds. I only needed a few.
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    Is this a good source for 7 Pod? sorry....I thought I pasted the link.
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    Is this a good source for 7 Pod?

    I have been looking for 7 Pod seeds and this site showed up on google. Anyone bought any seeds from them? Are they the real 7 Pod?