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    baccatum Criollo Sella

    Anyone have any experience growing this Baccatum from Bolivia/Peru? I've seen it listed in a few places as a great culinary pepper; citrusy flavor, good heat level, relatively prolific. I spent a few years working in restaurants and never ran across this one, considering picking up some seeds...
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    flavor Evaluating our 2023 pepper's ?? How do you ??

    I'm partial to raw peppers, so a sliver test for hots and a bite for everything else. For the family who are less enthusiastic about peppers I've found a simple mixed vegetable stir-fry gives me a good idea of the cooked flavor profile. Squash, onion, bit of garlic, neutral oil and rice or...
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    news Pepper X Officially takes the title

    Once they start sharing seeds they're welcome to all the credit they want. Until then I'm personally not interested in what they're offering.
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    pics What hot sauce are you using right now?

    Bit of fried Alaskan cod.
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    Greetings & Salutations

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    Greetings form Bulgaria

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    Hey from Nova Scotia

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    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

    Let's not joke about thousands of dead yeah?
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    Hey, all (from zone 7b, near Stone Mountain)

    From a farmers market, almost guaranteed the seeds are not irradiated. Thats usually only the case with vegetables crossing international borders in my experience. Quite possible they just weren't fully mature though. And Welcome!
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    Peppers in soy sauce

    I've seen plenty of recipes that also use rice vinegar, I would be leery of just sugar and soy sauce.
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    misc JalapenoGate

    There was definitely a boom of new home gardeners as a consequence of the pandemic. I could see the increased demand leading to cut corners and higher chances of mix-ups. No idea and no data to support if that increased demand has actually kept up enough to account for this year however. It's...
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    misc Confess your food sins, cringe, and scares in these reads not fit for the table!

    Bit of a guilty pleasure in my drinking days.. Vidalia onion chopped thin, liverwurst. Smash together and heat lightly. Eaten with crackers and too much wine. We pretended it was pâté haha.
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    Heyo, new grower here.

    Just started growing this year with a few cheap seed packets, and have been enjoying this quite a lot. Hoping to expand my varieties and start experimenting soon. Glad to find an interesting community here.