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    regards from finland

    thanks for comments, i must training for chili eating contest and that was only last week i eat two rocoto manzano at once..very soft heat but lot of taste.
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    regards from finland

    kato; täällä pyörii suomalaisiakin :)
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    event chili festival in finland

    yes, we have a chileheads meeting in finland(tampere town). next autumn. there are lot of chileheads, good food and chili association will be arrange a chili eating contest. i wish chileheads around the world WELCOME!!! i make more info soon. pertsa
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    regards from finland

    hello everyone! i´m a newbie in here and I want bring a hot message from extremely cold finland. here is lot of chileheads and so many people growing chiles and eat hot food. the founding of the first finnish chili association will be completed of these days, and i´m president of association:)...