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    disease Yellow Spots, Leaf Curl

    Could it be chlorosis -
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    pics Blue Peppers

    They actually look bigger than my Gorilla Chili Peppers These will be in the breeding project I'm also planning on crossing fructescens, annuum and other species . Like these things 🌚
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    pics Blue Peppers

    Here's more info on these Blue Peppers
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    pics Blue Peppers

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    pics Blue Peppers

    Maybe they will get more blue if I use a blue paper towel for seed starting. They will be transferred in to a blue pot and put inside a "blue" greenhouse next to my blu-berries 😉
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    pics Blue Peppers

    Some seeds have started growing tap roots fb
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    Anybody else growing cannabis?

    I just topped the flowers off of this male. I still have kill it though. I'm done.
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    Two Word Turd

    shut down
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    shopping criolla de cocina

    Thanks chaza I look forward to seeing the new plants. Good Luck
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    shopping criolla de cocina I found some on eBay If you keep searching you can find more places Here's one that will have some fresh seeds in a few months and they ship to United Kingdom
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    Hi there
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    Greetings from Lander, WY

    Oh yeah that one Sorry I wasn't paying attention
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    breeding Gorilla Chili Pepper Breeding Project

    Gorilla Chili Peppers These peppers are hot enough to use in a pot of spicy "chili". The reason why I didn't call them "Chile" is because of... that is the country, so peppers growing in Chile or Chilean Landrace you can call Chiles Sweet peppers can't be chili peppers. Could they be...
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    Greetings from Lander, WY

    Welcome Post your Thai Pepper Problems, in a new topic and we'll be there to help out . This is my first time growing Thai peppers so I don't really know much about them. There's lots information here and plenty pepper people with tons of knowledge. Thanks for joining.
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    Two Word Turd

    in the
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    pubescens Rocoto of unknown origin

    I've never grown any pubescens I'm curious to see how it does.
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    wanted In search of [all] seeds!

    I'm going to start making some tester Hot pepper seed packs I have some from my breeding projects and some extra seeds from different packs I can send. I have some of my Roma tomato seeds I will include as well.
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    misc Something tells me..

    The plants are dying from lack of nutrients. The final fruits attempting to ripen. 😂