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  1. roper2008

    favorite Looking for recommendations.

    I like Aji Guyana. It’s not to hot.
  2. roper2008

    Growing some tasty stuff

    I like the varieties you are growing, one’s that I can actually eat. The hottest I go nowadays is probably a med heat level. Whatever Aji Limo or Thai peppers are at.
  3. roper2008

    Tyler's 2021 Glog

    Nice big list there. I need to start my Bahamian Goat soon, hopefully tomorrow.
  4. roper2008

    seeds When are you starting seeds?

    I’m going to start my Chininese’s in the next couple days, and my Aji Guyana seeds because they took a long time to turn yellow last year.
  5. roper2008

    wanted Looking for Small Orange Thai

    I cant find my older pack of seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. They use to sell a Orange Thai. Thats the one Im looking for. I can trade or if you know where I could purchase some. Thanks Linda
  6. roper2008

    pics Hot Finger

    Here are some ripe Amish Hot Finger.  I tasted one of the smaller ones, it has a sweet mild heat. Very similar heat to Aji Guyana.  Good to eat fresh. I’ll dry a few to see how the powder taste.  So far this one is a keeper for me.   Well, I tasted the other ones, and the mild heat is mainly on...
  7. roper2008

    Just want to show off thrift store finds

    I bought this Food Saver for $20 about 3 weeks ago. The jar sealer’s at same thrift store a year ago.  I have plenty of food saver bags too from my old food saver that I can’t find anywhere.  I know its somewhere in this house though.  Anyway, I can now vacuum seal my dehydrated peppers.    ...
  8. roper2008

    StettoGro 4: Spredner Tin 2020

    Your plants are looking nice, especially that Aleppo.
  9. roper2008

    Hopefully Back In Action

    Welcome back.  
  10. roper2008

    StettoGro 4: Spredner Tin 2020

    I was so sure mine were going to be red, but they are turning yellow.  Either way I’m going to try fermenting for the first time with these.
  11. roper2008

    StettoGro 4: Spredner Tin 2020

    Your Aji Limo, is it the red one?  That’s what I’m growing that I originally got from thegreenchilimonster.  
  12. roper2008

    Cayennes not turning red

    Different varieties take longer to turn red, orange or yellow.  I have red habanero's, KS Lemon Starburst ripe, but my Aji Guyana's only 3 have turned ripe so far, lots of green ones.  My Yellow Peru have had a few ripe one's, and I know I will have to wait much longer for my Aji Amarillo's.  
  13. roper2008

    pics Hot Finger

    Yea, that would be one big ass finger!  Oh, and I forgot it was labeled Amish Hot Finger.
  14. roper2008

    pics Hot Finger

    Is anyone growing this pepper from the seed train.  Different from a Hot Finger I grew years ago from Peppermania.  This is larger and a little bumpy.  Looks really nice anyway, big for a cayenne I think.
  15. roper2008

    Guru's Garden - Traveling the World in Search of Peppers

    I can relate on the seed saving.  I just keep everything in the house at room temp.  I know some refrigerate or freeze their seeds, which  I keep on saying I'm going to do someday, but haven't yet.  Bagging blossom's is another thing I keep thinking I need to do.  Khang star has a good video on...
  16. roper2008

    bpiela 2020 grow + OW's

    Yes, that’s normal for Khang Star White Thai.  I grew it last year.
  17. roper2008

    favorite Favorite peppers between 30-50k Scoville scale

     I’m growing Aji Guyana. I pulled the seeds out from the seed train.  I have them in 5 gallon smart pots, but wish I would have put them in a bigger smart pot.  Lot’s  of pods just waiting for them to change color.  Hard to see because they blend so well with the leaves.
  18. roper2008

    CaneDog 2020

    What is the PC-1 like? Wondering, just in case I need to add it to my grow list, ha, ha... I’m growing the aji Guyana too from the seed train. They are not really tall, but have a lot of pods, all still green.
  19. roper2008

    PaulG 2020

    I get curling like that on some of my peppers. 
  20. roper2008

    In search of Curry Leaf and Pandan seeds/plants

    Glad you found the plant.  If I ever see one here in Virginia, I’ll buy one to grow in a pot.