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  1. compmodder26

    for-sale Pepper Powders For Sale

    I am beginning to plan my 2016 grow (a bit lat this year, I admit), and as I've done in the past, I would like to supplement the costs of my grow as much as possible.  So once again, I have some powders for sale from the peppers I grew last season.  I have more to come waiting on the dehydrator...
  2. compmodder26

    looking for a hot sweet pepper..

    I will second the Bishop's Hats/Crowns
  3. compmodder26

    Romy6 2015

    Looking good as always Jamie!
  4. compmodder26

    PaulG 2015

    Awesome pepper harvests Paul.  The pics are beautiful.  
  5. compmodder26

    Compmodder26's 2015

      I prefer the brown.  The red variant is a bit more bitter.  The brown packs a bit more heat as well.         Here's the latest harvest from yesterday.   Top (L-R): Bell, Giant Jalapeno Middle (L-R): Banana, 7 Pot Caramel (Brown variant), 7 Pot Caramel (Red variant), Brown Moruga and 7 Pot...
  6. compmodder26

    storage Pepper Pod Freezer Storage

    Another poor man's option is to zip up the ziplock just until only a straw will fit in.  Push a clean straw down to the bottom and then suck all the air out that you can.  Once you can suck no more out, quickly pull the straw out and zip the rest of the bag up before any air can get back in.
  7. compmodder26

    shopping Where to buy ground/powder/flakes online

      I'll throw another nod in for Joyner's Hot Pepper powders.  Chris makes a fantastic product!
  8. compmodder26

    PaulG 2015

    Great looking pod porn Paul!  Beautiful looking peppers!  :clap:
  9. compmodder26

    Compmodder26's 2015

    This weeks harvest.  I didn't even pick Banana Peppers and Bell Peppers because I ran out of room to carry them.   Top (L-R): Giant and Not Giant Jalapeno, Brown Moruga Middle (L - R): 7 pot Caramel (Variant 1), 7 Pot Caramel (Variant 2), Bishop's Hat Bottom (L - R): Yellow 7 Pot Brainstrain...
  10. compmodder26

    Compmodder26's 2015

    Woot, another update in under a month!!  I'm on a roll.  Harvests are starting to get bigger now.  Happening weekly (or whenever I get time to get to the garden ;)).   Here's a harvest shot from last week: Top (L - R): Banana, Bishop's Hat Middle (L - R): Bell, Not Giant Jalapeno, Giant Jalapeno...
  11. compmodder26

    JoynersHotPepper 2015 Pepper Party

    Raking in the harvests like a champ.  Fantastic stuff Chris!
  12. compmodder26

    Happy birthday Compmodder26!

    Aww shucks.  Thanks guys!!
  13. compmodder26

    Compmodder26's 2015

      Haha, you're right!  Now watch, it'll take me a month and half to post the next update, just to balance things out :)
  14. compmodder26

    Compmodder26's 2015

    Supers have started ripening for me.  Got a few Brown Morugas, 7 Pot Browns, 7 Pot Caramels, and Not Monster Nagas harvested.  Plants are really starting to load down now.  No pics this time for the plants, will snap a few the next time I'm out at the garden.  But here's a shot of couple of the...
  15. compmodder26

    Cappy's 2015 Chocolate BS

    That's one heck of a haul Cappy.  The placental tissue on those is VERY thick.  Very nice indeed.
  16. compmodder26

    Compmodder26's 2015

    Wow a month inbetween posts.  I'm doing a great job with this!!  :doh:   Garden is doing quite well.  Every plant has at least 1 pepper growing on it, with the majority having a decent amount per plant.  Overall, they are quite happy.     Pics:   Rightmost subplot:    Middle Subplot:   Left...
  17. compmodder26

    Afraid to look for storm damage

    Had a similar storm roll through Lexington as well.  Knocked my grill over, picked up my solid iron table and flew it 50 feet, snapping my patio umbrella in half.  Neighbor's fence was blown over.  My vegetable garden in my backyard took it pretty well.  I've still yet to get out the community...
  18. compmodder26

    drying first time dehydrating and making powder

    Indeed you are correct sir.  I've been doing well, just extremely busy.  Work and life in general has kept me busy, need to go take some shots of the garden to post an update on my glog, since I've been woefully negligent of it.  I trust your plants are gearing up for a great powder season?   It...
  19. compmodder26

    drying first time dehydrating and making powder

    I use a blender and mason jars to grind my peppers.  Works great at making a nice fine powder.  As for full vs cut up for dehydrating, I always cut mine in half lengthwise.  Of course if you aren't planning on grinding the peppers, it would be more aesthetically pleasing to have the peppers...
  20. compmodder26

    Plain and simple karma, gotta love it

    Maine Coons are a beautiful breed.  Great looking cats and wonderful story about the demise of that rat with a fluffy tail.  They too are not welcome in my yard.